The application of Chinese medicine in breast cancer

By | April 28, 2012

The application of Chinese medicine in breast cancer. Breast cancer incidence since the beginning is a systemic disease, is a systemic disease, local performance. Thus the treatment strategy has changed. To carry out comprehensive treatment is to improve the clinical efficacy of breast cancer the main direction. According to breast cancer clinical stage, histological classification of syndromes and individual situation, formulate a reasonable treatment to get good results.
1. Part and the whole balance and to be focused
Breast cancer is a systemic disease, local performance, according to the different course of the disease, the treatment focus is also different. Early breast cancer excision and local tumor control block has a relatively important role, when local treatment should be based, supplemented by systemic therapy; advanced breast cancer often prone to distant metastasis, then systemic therapy should be based , taking into account the local palliative care.
2. Correctly handle long-term treatment and the relationship between short-term treatment
Tumor recurrence and metastasis of breast cancer has the potential, which is affecting their efficacy and important cause of death. The recurrence and metastasis can occur, often depends on the ability of the immune defense. According to previously stated aims and the recent long-term objective, we know that long-term aim is the ultimate goal of clinical treatment, recent treatment for long-term treatment services, in the trade-off relationship between the two, should adhere to long-term treatment of the recent treatment of the principle of obedience .
3. Anticancer treatment Quxie and righting combined synergies and improve efficacy.
Anti-cancer treatment is for local foci Quxie and subclinical metastases, to take local and systemic treatment, kill cancer cells, to cancer Quxie purposes. However, these measures often easy to damage the healthy atmosphere, reduce the body's immune function and resistance to disease. Must be treated with the centralizer (eg, righting Chinese medicine therapy, immunotherapy and supportive care, etc.) combined supplementation and attack, not to hurt the banishment of evil spirits is, righting without leaving evil is beneficial for therapeutic purposes.
Integrative Medicine of the concrete implementation:
1. Chinese assisted preoperative surgical treatment Herbal Treatment by righting, correcting the body's yin and yang balance, improve the function of organs. For weak constitution can not afford surgery to improve physical fitness of patients, surgery is conducive to improve the resection rate. Specific application based on the individual situation of patients with syndrome differentiation.
Preoperative treatment by Chinese medicine, so that cancer cells degeneration and necrosis, is conducive to control the disease before surgery. Chinese medicine treatment after surgery, currently noon is to restore physical fitness, improve or reduce some adverse reactions after in order to further prepare for receiving the radiochemical boil. In addition, the postoperative long-term medical treatment in addition to improving physical fitness, but also enhance the patient's immune function and cancer-fighting ability, to a certain extent, control of cancer activities and to prevent recurrence and metastasis, improving the quality of life, provide sound long-term effect.
2. Comprehensive treatment of advanced or recurrent breast cancer
(1) the treatment of locally advanced disease: usually refers to patients for more than b, the tumor is invading into adjacent tissues of the large primary tumor. Orange peel or ulcer symptoms, the advent of satellite nodules. Although the transfer had not yet seen clinical signs, but most cases will eventually appear distant metastasis. Locally advanced disease because the tumor was larger, the majority of regional lymph node involvement, the general should not make radical surgery. But the bulk of the tumor resectable, or enlarged lymph nodes, or even a palliative mastectomy in order to control local symptoms.
(2) the treatment of local or regional recurrence: local or regional recurrence was defined as the original tumor site or region in a tumor after treatment, mostly in the residual breast tissue, skin, chest wall or adjacent lymph nodes and other parts. Local or regional recurrence itself does not constitute a threat to the life of patients, but can make a patient severely depressed mood, and if the skin ulceration, tumor hemorrhage, the patient's mood and quality of life have to be seriously affected. This may be due to recurrence of residual cancer cells in the treatment of arising, and may be due to spread cancer cells caused by blood or lymph (and distant metastasis similar mechanism, it is called skin or subcutaneous metastases). Most of the recurrence occurred within 3 years. If the lymph node was positive in the majority of recurrence within 2 years.
(3) the treatment of metastatic breast cancer: before the advent of modern chemotherapy, about half of all breast cancer patients, lymph node-positive patients 60% to 80%, will eventually be transferred. Transfer usually appear within 5 years, but sometimes there after 30 years. After the use of adjuvant chemotherapy, metastatic breast cancer rates have declined. Transfer the event to rarely cured, but the current treatment can still be controlled to the survival of asymptomatic patients and significantly improves the quality of life. Many terminally ill, is still a good response to treatment, symptoms can significantly reduce or even disappear, extended survival.
The treatment of metastatic breast cancer remains palliative treatment is currently aimed at extending survival of patients, improve patient quality of life. Reasonable treatment emphasizes comprehensive treatment, mainly chemotherapy, endocrine therapy, sometimes integrated radiation therapy, traditional Chinese medicine have a unique effect.
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