Breast cancer drug

By | April 28, 2012

Breast cancer medication, breast cancer, endocrine therapy for patients with hormone receptor-positive primary principle is that some of the better efficacy of breast cancer need estrogen growth, with chemical drugs that inhibit the binding of estrogen receptor, or block estrogen hormone synthesis, the growth of tumor cells to stop or even slow down.
The commonly used drugs for the endocrine therapy of estrogen receptor modulation agent (such as the three phenoxy plastic, etc.), a new generation of aromatase inhibitors (furlongs) and pituitary RH-LH analogues. Served three years in patients with 5-phenoxy adhesive available furlongs to do to continue to strengthen treatment to reduce recurrence risk. Endocrine therapy for older patients than younger patients with good results. Of course, if patients with hormone receptor negative breast cancer endocrine therapy is largely ineffective.
Breast cancer chemotherapy chemotherapy referred to is the use of drugs, the so-called cytotoxic (cell killing) drugs to destroy cancer cells. The purpose of chemotherapy is to kill the principles of anti-cancer drugs is a particular concentration in a certain period of time to kill a certain proportion of cells.
Breast cancer treatment, chemotherapy, hormone receptor-negative patients with more than can be used as adjuvant therapy after surgery, patients can be treated as a late present for Phase II and III A patients in advance of chemotherapy, reduced lesions, further surgery. Chemotherapy drugs directly depends on the dose and treatment to the degree of repetition.

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