Lymphoma transfer agent (a)

By | April 27, 2012

Lymphoma transfer agent, the lymphatic system throughout the body, everywhere there, and lymph support the body in a constant cycle at any time. In this sense, it seems that can occur throughout the body to tumor metastasis.
Modified Western Pill capsules and compound cantharidin are dedicated gynecologic oncology drugs, so together with the multiplier effect.
First of all: the finest flavored herbs West Pill, combined with modern technology, fully retains the active ingredients of drugs. The main clinical treatment for various types of cancer and adjuvant therapy, to improve the clinical symptoms of patients with advanced cancer and improve quality of life. His main activity by activated macrophages, and promote the production of interferon to enhance NK cell activity, TH cell number and TH / Ts values, protection of bone marrow, adrenal cortex and liver function, and inhibits the activity of angiogenic factors, blocking tumor angiogenesis, inflammation, enhance immunity, anti-bacterial effect, especially on the role of Staphylococcus aureus is best, and the same compound cantharidin capsule can improve immune ability to activate tumor suppressor genes, can kill cancer cells, with double Role:
Before surgery: improve immunity, promote healing after surgery to prevent infection, the medium-term patients, in preparation for the complete radical operation.
After the operation: to promote postoperative recovery, to make up for local treatment of the defect, to prevent future recurrence and metastasis elsewhere.
Radiotherapy: to prevent radiotherapy-induced tissue necrosis, infection, reduce radiation side effects, other than parts of a transfer control radiotherapy.
After radiotherapy: to make up for lack of radiotherapy, the tumor is not sensitive to radiation killing, to varying degrees of reduction or disappearance of the tumor had completely disappeared consolidation treatment.
Chemotherapy: improved immunity, increased white blood cells, reducing damage to the liver and kidney function, prevent and mitigate chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, hair loss, anorexia and other side effects.
After chemotherapy: rapid recovery of the vigor of chemotherapy damage, reducing side effects the next cycle, the activation of tumor suppressor genes, not killing the cells, inhibition, blocking its nutrient vessels, making it a natural death.
Lymphoma transfer medication, not surgery chemotherapy: patients with advanced, alone has taken good effect, to prevent the continued proliferation, transfer, reduce pain, eliminate stagnant water, greatly improving the quality of life of patients.

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