Lymphoma transfer agent (b)

By | April 27, 2012

Lymphoma transfer agents, most of the first violation of superficial malignant lymphoma and / or mediastinal, retroperitoneal, mesenteric lymph nodes, may be primary in a small number of extranodal organs. More patients in the early manifestation of a painless swelling of the neck lymph nodes, after other parts have been discovered. Lymph nodes from the soya bean to date large, medium hard, tough, uniform and full. No adhesion with the skin, usually in the early and mid-and do not fusion, activities. At a later stage can grow to very large lymph nodes. To convergence.
West Pill Modified finest ingredients, combined with modern technology, fully retains the active ingredients of drugs. The main clinical treatment for various types of cancer and adjuvant therapy, to improve the clinical symptoms of patients with advanced cancer and improve quality of life. His main activity by activated macrophages, and promote the production of interferon to enhance NK cell activity, TH cell number and TH / Ts values, protection of bone marrow, adrenal cortex and liver function, and inhibits the activity of angiogenic factors, blocking tumor angiogenesis, inflammation, enhance immunity, anti-bacterial effect, especially on the role of Staphylococcus aureus is best, and black bone cane is unique Xiaoaiping film composition, can induce and promote microtubule (which tumor cells division, the proliferation of carrier) protein polymerization, microtubule assembly and microtubule stability of the unique mechanism of action, thus inhibiting mitosis of tumor cells to achieve tumor suppressor, cancer of the purpose, together, functional complementation, more features, more effective Good for:
Lymphoma transfer agent, as early as mid-lymphoma patients: the development of this combination of lesions can be controlled effectively kill cancer cells, control of cancer cell growth, proliferation, replication and transfer, the timely mobilization of patients with active immune function, to eliminate cancer purposes.
Lymphoma patients before surgery: combined effects of the control of tumor growth, shrink the tumor and edema around the tumor layer to prevent the increase of the tumor and distant metastasis, surgical creation of favorable conditions for the implementation to ensure smooth operation.
Lymphoma patients after surgery: This combination can directly kill cancer cells remaining after the body and small lesions, and can accelerate wound healing and prevent wound infection, and bleeding complications.
Are radiotherapy and chemotherapy in lymphoma patients: the combination can effectively suppress the radiotherapy and chemotherapy drug side effects, such as: nausea, vomiting, leukopenia, hair loss, liver and kidney dysfunction. Also, patients can be significantly reduced radiotherapy and chemotherapy drug resistance and drug resistance, improve chemotherapy results.
Late re-Lymphoma: The combination can significantly improve the patients with advanced cancer cachexia symptoms, such as cancer, high fever, pain, pleural effusion, jaundice, etc., stable disease, thereby improving patient quality of life, prolong life, but also create opportunities for the treatment.
Lymphoma transfer medication, rehabilitation of lymphoma patients: the combination can improve immune function in patients with active, enhanced immune tolerance function, targeted elimination of residual cancer cells in vivo, and small lesions, and thus effective control of tumor recurrence and metastasis.

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