Contraceptives to prevent ovarian cancer

By | April 27, 2012

Contraceptives to prevent ovarian cancer, women using birth control pills can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer. The researchers imagine this is due to hormonal changes and ovulation was inhibited. But recent study showed, in which the causal relationship between the complex than imagined. For example, according to Stanford University School of Medicine Dr. Alice S Whittemore, the efficacy of oral contraceptives may decrease with age.
Researchers hope to determine the past 30 years ovarian cancer incidence can be attributed to the decline in more women using oral contraceptives, and decreased the amount of child birth. Studies show that women under the age of 50 can really make the such a positive assessment. And women over 50 years of age the proportion of ovarian cancer than expected. Show the efficacy of oral contraceptives decreased with age. Australia's Queensland Institute of Medical Research Dr Victor Siskind, will suffer from oral contraceptives ovarian cancer risk decreased by 7%, this effect is more obvious in the first pregnancy.
University of Pittsburgh, Roberta B Ness, PhD, and colleagues conducted another study showed that inflammation may induce ovarian cancer. For pregnant feeding, or tubal section bar or hysterectomy women, a lower risk of ovarian cancer. And other factors can increase the risk of cancer has, including talc (talc powder) to use, endometriosis or ovarian cysts – these three factors can induce uterine inflammation. Of 767 ovarian cancer patients and 1,367 healthy women, studies also reveal inflammation of ovarian epithelial cells can induce cancer risk. When these organizations inflammation, resulting in some of the material and the role of other factors that can lead to cancer. These substances such as cytokines (Cytokines) [a cell signal sub-sub-(cell-signaling molecules)], prostaglandin (hormone similar to the mixed material, have a greater impact on the human body.) Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, and Dr. Ingemar Persson Dr. Tomas Riman, the study revealed the protective effect of oral contraceptives, a new mechanism. Also confirmed that ovarian hormones and inflammation is the direct cause of ovarian cancer.
Contraceptives to prevent ovarian cancer. Australian researchers on 794 ovarian cancer patients and 853 healthy women were compared, found three major categories bell incidence of ovarian cancer were tested declined. , Including the Borderline and malignan cancer risk decline. Oral contraceptives inhibit the hormone androgen (hormone androgen) secretion and increased secretion of luteinizing hormone, which helps prevent cancer.

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