Comprehensive treatment of liver cancer

By | April 29, 2012

Comprehensive treatment of liver cancer, liver cancer combined treatment of Chinese medicine, including the integrated use of different therapies, such as the spleen to Sijun mainly to stagnation of qi Xiaopi Decoction real power, heat and humidity to build soup or Yin Yin Chen Chen Wuling scattered mainly Shixiaosan Blood to the main deficiency in Yiguanjian based. Can unite in integrated application Therapeutic.
Pure herbal treatment, plus symptomatic disease differentiation syndrome plus oral medication side effects should be better than a single diagnosis and treatment, disease differentiation treatment, symptomatic treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, if combined with local therapy, external therapy, etc., efficacy may be further increased.
Hua Wo Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical limited liability company Lengshuijiang liver Lok abdominal film is easy for spleen qi, blood Ruanjian, Qingrejiedu. Spleen to the liver stasis for certificate-based primary liver cancer, Zheng Jian abdominal mass, flank pain, Shenpi fatigue, eat less poor appetite, abdominal distention, upset, irritability, mouth and throat pain and so on. For the syndrome in patients with liver cirrhosis and liver fibrosis serum markers to improve the role.
Based on years of clinical results show that treatment of liver slices of liver in patients with abdominal music has a unique effect:
First, the liver Lok Fu film does have Jianpiliqi, stasis Ruanjian significant effect, it is to improve the clinical symptoms, improve quality of life, increase weight, ease and stability of the further growth of tumor and prolong survival improvement have good role The total effective rate was 74.6%, while the control group was only 27.4%, both have a very significant difference (P <0.001 =. Therefore, the proof of primary liver cancer liver Lok Fu see spleen deficiency of liver blood stasis better effect, is a good treatment in patients with primary liver cancer drug.
Second, the liver Lok Fu film clinical trial of liver and kidney function, cardiac function and peripheral blood were no adverse reactions, but some patients had diarrhea, two weeks to maintain their own recovery, to long-term use.
Third, the clinical piece of liver Lok Fu easy to use, wide indications for primary liver cancer caused by spleen deficiency syndrome due to liver stasis food satisfied dull, vicious vomiting, flank pain, abdominal distention, Shenpi fatigue, irritability, upset , mouth and throat pain and other symptoms were significantly improved effects, can significantly improve the quality of life of patients.
Now that the treatment of liver cancer combined global and local importance. More use of traditional Chinese medicine decoction of the overall treatment of oral-based, local treatment of multiple use of B-or CT-guided injection of liver cancer drugs within the block, or interventional medicine will be injected through the hepatic artery Aikuai and so on. Overall treatment combined with local treatment can improve liver cancer.
Comprehensive treatment of liver cancer, liver cancer treatment should be integrated within the governing law and external treatment combination. Mainly in the treatment medication. Plaster or outside the government to use more topical medicine, acupuncture therapy, multi-pronged approach to suppress tumor growth and metastasis.

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