Gastric pain medications

By | April 29, 2012

Gastric pain medication, the treatment of cancer pain in a variety of existing methods, the drug treatment is essential, because it is effective, the risk is relatively small, the cost is reasonable, and often quick onset of therapy. The basic principles of drug treatment of cancer pain in patients with individualized treatment plan is.
1. Keep in mind the following principles
The dose should be the simplest solution and the least traumatic pain therapy begins.
In the case of no contraindications, the treatment of mild to moderate pain drugs include anti-inflammatory drugs non-simplified categories.
For persistent pain medication, should be based on regular medication, supplemented by "necessary" to increase the dose.
Long-term use of opioid therapy may cause drug resistance and physical dependence, but not to be confused with addiction.
* Route of administration of pain medication is best taken orally, it is most convenient and affordable treatment methods. If the patient should not be administered orally, should consider the rectum or subcutaneous administration, these two drugs are relatively non-invasive way.
Do not use placebo in the treatment of cancer pain.
2. Three step analgesic therapy "ladder" delivery method is to use three-factor mediated side escalator pain treatment based on treatment of cancer pain, cancer pain treatment in the use of painkillers, you should pay attention to the following principles, in particular medication on time and knowledge ladder medication.
(1) The ladder pain medication according to the previous evaluation, it is clear that we already know, in the end your pain is mild, moderate, or severe pain First of all, let's look "at step" drug content. The choice of analgesics should be based on the degree of pain from weak to strong order increase.
One step drug: application of a non-opiate drugs, such as aspirin, acetaminophen, indomethacin indomethacin suppository, Italy facilities wayside. May be appropriate under the circumstances plus adjuvant drugs.
second step medication: If this purpose should not pain, such as into the weak opioid analgesics, such as codeine, tramadol (tramadol), etc., as appropriate, plus adjuvant drugs.
three step treatment: If the pain fails to control or continue to worsen, it should be injected into the third level to be used for moderate to severe pain medicines play replacement of A, such as morphine, pull-release tablets of morphine, fentanyl, etc. . Can also be used at the time of non-opioid drugs, which both increase, such as analgesic effects of opioids, but also reduce the amount of Afghan drugs.
If severe pain can also be directly used opiates. Opioid analgesic with aspirin get better results, especially for patients with bone pain. Can only be used at the same time in one of each medication. If a drug is no longer valid, do not switch to another similar drug is an alternative drug, but should switch to a strong and positive analgesic effect of drugs.
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