Advanced liver cancer drug

By | April 29, 2012

Advanced liver cancer treatment, liver cancer with ascites, jaundice, distant metastasis, etc., known as advanced hepatocellular carcinoma. With ascites of hepatocellular carcinoma, could advance medicine or western medicine diuretic therapy, ascites subsided, according to liver cancer cases, treatment can still press on. Case of hemorrhagic ascites, is not easy to subside; portal vein or hepatic vein tumor thrombus who is not easy to bear fruit in the western diuretics. Such as liver nodules rupture, bleeding should be treated simultaneously with abdominal pressure dressing.
Carcinoma with jaundice, in the case of hilar mass with obstructive jaundice caused by compression, can be localized radiation therapy, or local intratumoral injection, or interventional therapy, or stent or external drainage; in the case of non-blocking jaundice, can be to the medical treatment, liver treatment.
Lung metastasis of liver cancer, such as liver primary tumor has been controlled, only a single lung metastasis, consider removal, or local radiation therapy. In the case of multiple metastatic lesions, or diffuse lungs, could consider radiation therapy (whole lung field irradiation), or chemical treatment, biological treatment. Such as liver primary tumor is not therapy or no treatment control, a single metastasis, or more limited, may consider radiotherapy. Such as full diffuse pulmonary metastases, can be treated using biological or chemical treatment, Chinese medicine treatment.
Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Guangxi Masahiro rebirth after years of clinical research with the swelling of soft capsules Kennedy, blood circulation, the effect of rousing, for liver cancer, gastric cancer treatment. Combined with radiotherapy, chemotherapy has synergistic attenuated, improve immune function, prevent recurrence and metastasis of tumor cells. Mainly applied in advanced inoperable cancer chemotherapy patients
Advanced liver cancer bone metastasis, such as a single or few metastases, radiotherapy can be used. Such as extensive bone metastases, may be chemotherapeutic agents, biological therapy or radionuclide therapy, may also be bone Teng, Aredia and other treatment.
Advanced liver cancer drug, portal vein, hepatic vein, inferior vena cava with tumor thrombus, could try hepatic artery infusion chemotherapy, hepatic artery thrombosis is generally not used, can be used in biological therapy or medical treatment.

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