Common occurrence of bone marrow drug case

By | January 21, 2012

Common occurrence of bone marrow case of drugs, most of the existing oncology bone marrow depression in varying degrees, of which the more obvious bone marrow suppression drug paclitaxel, docetaxel, topotecan, irinotecan, vinorelbine, erlotinib Park past, card lead, vindesine, etoposide, mitoxantrone benefits brewing, nitrogen mustard, daunorubicin, methotrexate Ridge, doxorubicin, mouth than doxorubicin, Ryukyu Ridge and heterocyclic phosphorus cast a glance Cool glue.
Common occurrence of bone marrow case of drugs, more commonly neutropenia occurs first, followed there thrombocytopenia. Chlorambucil inhibition of lymphocyte obvious; mitomycin C on platelet obvious, sometimes first appears thrombocytopenia and bleeding tendency; gland nitrite drugs, such as Carmustine, Lomustine and Semustine cards and so on and uranium, sweet birds phosphorus and sulfur mustard glanced Cool Ridge is delayed bone marrow suppression, caution should be used; L-aspartate on blood like cool plastic of less enzyme, bleomycin and PYM was not affected.

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