Toxicity of chemotherapy and symptomatic treatment

By | January 21, 2012

Toxicity of chemotherapy and symptomatic treatment, antineoplastic agents with anti-cancer effect, that is, its treatment (therapeutic action). However, due to the lack of specific treatment, so the treatment of cancer, while some normal human tissues and organs damaged cells to a certain extent, this is the antineoplastic agents of adverse reactions.
In clinical application, the anticancer effect of these two areas there is a difference, such as the existence of two equivalent, the drug can not be used clinically. Toxicity of chemotherapy and symptomatic treatment, of course, the extent of adverse reactions is closely related to drug dose, which Kao doctor's knowledge and experience, the use of drugs to grasp just the right level, due to anticancer drugs remains a toxic class of drugs, this point is even more important. Clearly, the antineoplastic is not abused, the abuse of health is irresponsible. Existing anticancer drugs damage normal tissue, mainly the gastrointestinal tract, bone marrow hematopoietic and reproductive systems.
Therefore, in the treatment carried out before treatment possible toxicity and damage must be fully foreseen, and strive to prevent, actively, so that treatment can proceed smoothly, so that improved quality of life of patients. In addition, the drugs have a specific tissue and organ damage. The occurrence and extent of adverse reactions, but also fear of chemotherapy patients have a certain relationship, so patients should be given before chemotherapy to do ideological work, the correct treatment, and enhance confidence.
Toxicity of chemotherapy and symptomatic treatment, the late 20th century, 80 toxicity of chemotherapy in cancer research has made two significant results: the 5 improvement in the clinical application of adhesive receptor antagonist, basically solved along lead (DDP) and other anti- cancer drug-induced vomiting; followed by granulocyte colony-stimulating factor and interleukin-2, the advent of lower induced by chemotherapy from cells in bone marrow suppression caused by the reduction and the severity of thrombocytopenia. These results on the progress of cancer chemotherapy has played an important role in promoting.

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