Esophageal cancer chemotherapy drug irinotecan Notes

By | January 21, 2012

Irinotecan Note (1) of camptothecin drugs or who are allergic to any component of the FDA ban.
Irinotecan Note (2) Animal experiments found teratogenic, embryo toxicity and fetal toxicity. Pregnancy, breast-feeding women disabled.
Note irinotecan (3) chronic enteritis, intestinal obstruction, interstitial pneumonia, pulmonary fibrosis patients the FDA ban; a large number of disabled patients with pleural effusion or ascites.
Irinotecan Note (4) to be checked weekly during treatment complete blood count, close observation of patients without infection, bleeding tendency, if this happens to be reduction or withdrawal, and act accordingly.
Note irinotecan (5) metabolite SN38 of the product easy to form crystals in the urine, causing kidney damage. Therefore, should the water during treatment, and alkaline urine.
Note irinotecan (6) physiological dysfunction in elderly patients, the FDA should be cautious.
Note irinotecan (7) This product is light and unstable, infusion should be dark.

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