Combined Treatment of liver cancer drugs

By | April 29, 2012

Combined Treatment of liver cancer drugs 1. For those who complete surgical resection, such as the cutting edge of non-cancer, portal vein tumor thrombus within the element and so on, should be used in medical treatment after surgery, can benefit software firm based, integrated gasification appropriate management. Six Gentlemen Decoction prescriptions, such as medicinal Codonopsis (l5g), Atractylodes (l0g), Poria (30g), turtle shell (30g), dried tangerine peel, Pinellia mainly.
Those who do not complete the excision, such as the cutting edge of a cancer in the surgery to the silver clip markers in the postoperative radiotherapy combined with spleen qi in Chinese medicine-based treatment. For the intraoperative or postoperative pathologic findings of vascular thrombosis within those patients should be immune therapy, interventional therapy and traditional Chinese medicine. Evil-based medicine to spleen. Jun spleen of four main methods can be evil diffusa, Scutellaria barbata, Maozhaocao, snakes and other six Valley.
Combined Treatment of liver cancer drugs 2. Radiotherapy combined with traditional Chinese medicine and radiation therapy after radiotherapy treatment in Chinese medicine to the spleen, eliminate lead-based good effect, should pay attention to make the best use, appropriate use, combined with qi, heat of the product. Jun spleen of four main consumer guide, such as xanthan and the like, qi, such as wood, citrus aurantium, blue, etc., heat with capillaris, Loulu and so on.
Combined Treatment of liver cancer drugs 3. Chemotherapy combined with Chinese medicine treatment is usually of primary systemic chemotherapy for liver cancer is not obvious. Control of liver cancer has been associated with primary tumor lung metastases, the chemotherapy has a certain effect. Interventional chemotherapy or chemoembolization better, commonly used drugs cisplatin (DDP), fluorouracil (5-FU), mitomycin (MMC) and so on. Before and after chemotherapy, Chinese medicine to nourish the liver, vomiting, righting mainly. Liver common ground wood, field-based yellow, Serissa, etc., vomiting to Pingwei, Erchen based, righting available Astragalus, wolfberry fruit and so on.

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