Classification of cancer pain analgesic

By | April 21, 2012

Classification of cancer pain analgesic, analgesic pain still present a unified classification, there are three kinds of common classification methods, namely:
Non-Simplified antiinflammatory drugs, opioids and adjuvant;
Non-narcotic analgesics, opioids, psychotropic drugs;
Classification of cancer pain analgesic non-narcotic analgesics, narcotic analgesics , non-sided anti-inflammatory antipyretic analgesic class, auxiliary substances.
WHO has designed a simple and effective, proven, can be reasonably arranged treatment of cancer pain, cancer pain treatment is a three step program, the highlights include: oral, on time, by step, individual administration, attention to details. Mild pain at the use of non-simplified class of anti-inflammatory drugs such as acetaminophen, aspirin; moderate pain, the anti-inflammatory drugs in the non-simplified categories based on the addition of weak opioids such as codeine or hydrogen can be from the same ; of severe pain or persistent pain, should be used potent opioids or increasing the dose of opioids.
Classification of cancer pain analgesic, analgesics for the treatment of persistent pain, should be based on regular medication, supplemented by "necessary" to increase the dose. Dose according to the rules of the program because the body can maintain a constant drug concentration, and help prevent the recurrence of pain.

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