Cancer pain medication route of administration

By | April 21, 2012

Cancer pain medication route of administration, 1. Oral administration of high oral cancer treatment is the preferred route of administration is a simple, economic characteristics, in particular, pain in bed for home cancer pain patients. Oral opioid formulations in tablets, capsules, liquid formulations of anti-fast release and controlled release preparations. Immediate-release morphine, controlled release agents and should be based on the main conditions to be selected cancer pain. When the patients with vomiting, swallowing difficulties, or coma not oral medication, they should consider alternative non-invasive or minimally invasive route of administration such as transdermal drug delivery rectal Gen. Only in relatively simple and economical method of administration is not suitable or invalid only consider the use of parenteral routes of administration, so as not to cause local stimulation of the skin or vein.
2. Sublingual tablet is placed under the tongue or a high concentration of the liquid drug through the conjunctiva directly absorbed into the blood circulation, for dental patients with gastrointestinal dysfunction. The way to avoid first-pass effect of the drug, so the dose should be the main dose of the same parenteral administration. Is commonly used in clinical buprenorphine sublingual tablets, but most patients can be satisfied with the relief of pain. But there are also units that the drug should not be used in treatment of cancer pain, because it is a partial agonist, both the pain limit, and may induce withdrawal symptoms.
3. Rectal administration of nausea, vomiting or otherwise unable to oral medications, or fasting during the preoperative and postoperative patients can be used rectally. When the door the following conditions exist, such as embryo or rectal injury, caused by the immune system shake neutropenia, diarrhea, incontinence, or the elderly infirm and other ambassadors are not administered by each intestine. Suppository for the existing opioid morphine, hydromorphone intoxicated and oxygen morphine reward.
4. Transdermal transdermal absorption of deaf opened the gastrointestinal tract, can be used for pain were relatively more stable sustained intensity. Fentanyl is currently the only transdermal opioid preparations. Posts agent fentanyl sustainable 72 / J. days before the release of drug, is absorbed through the skin during the drugs, quote 12-18 hours after drug blood levels rise slowly ground, half-life of 21 hours. II.MIJ role of common nausea, skin irritation trance and so on.
Cancer pain medication route of administration, 5. Intranasal administration, nasal delivery system can not tolerate oral medication of patients is spinning a different route of administration. Although no furnace in the study drug, but the commercially available but is an exciting account type IJ mixed antagonist drugs that tartaric acid ring? Short you furans. The drug l stalks through the nasal cavity membrane vascular sigh rapidly absorbed, the most important indications of acute fat crops. Although the characteristics of the pharmaceutical preparations are excited antagonist co-Kun, and consequently rapidly from Chen, but does not recommend routine use of the drug treatment of cancer pain.
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