Relaxation therapy commonly used in cancer patients

By | April 21, 2012

Relaxation therapy commonly used in cancer patients, many different types of relaxation therapy, but its core is "quiet, loose," the word is in a quiet environment, maintain the most peaceful state of mind, and to ease emotional and muscle relaxation. HI relaxation therapies often are:
1. Silencing Qigong in my boring static power is a typical representative of silence law. My practice to please bit! Breathe, eliminate distractions, meaning keep the pubic region, into the quiet. Or the use of ideas "in air", so that meridian line, according to circulation, to regulate Yin and Yang, and clear about network, convalescent disease and prolong life. In addition, the Indian coffee Yu H of the utility of meditation are of this method.
Dielectric thin towel following three lines in the stuffy qigong relaxation methods. The basic approach is:
Relaxation therapy commonly used in cancer patients sub-case side of the body, front and back of three lines, from top to bottom to relax.
The first line (both sides): From both sides of the head and neck on both sides of Shoulder elbow forearm wrist handed ten fingers.
The second line (front): from the face and neck chest stomach Two two-leg knee thigh Ten toes.
The third line (back): After the neck from behind the brain back waist behind the two legs two legs Wo knees two feet.
Note that a part of the first, and then silently "loose" word, and then pay attention to the next site, and then silently "loose" word. Starting from the first line to the second line, and finally after the third line. Each line has a stop point, the first stop point is the middle line, second line of the cessation of point shoes toe, the third line of the stop point is the front foot heart. Shung required to complete each line after the cessation of the corresponding point of meaning keep 1_2 minutes. Relaxation for the three lines to complete a cycle, usually do two or three each training cycle. Required in each cycle, meaning keep the pubic region gently and keep quiet 3_4 minutes.
Relaxation training should pay attention to the natural breathing, progressive muscle relaxation. Beginners may encounter difficult to feel relaxed feeling and mind concentration difficulties. At this point, do not worry, repeated several times, natural wishful. Otherwise, there will be tensions as impatient, would not achieve therapeutic effect.
2. Relaxation response is according to American psychologist Benson founded the characteristics of the East silencing of a new training method. The essentials are: a quiet environment; muscle relaxation; relaxed posture; silently repeat a short phrase or phrases.
3. Autogenic training This training method is by the German physiologist Vogt suggested based on self-hypnosis can be similar to the views put forward, after the modification is widely used by the order. Training with the implied need for a specific instruction. Follow the guidance of language, one by one part of the patient with muscle relaxation and appear to experience a heavy feeling, experience with vasodilator and warmth appeared to enter the mental and physical relaxation.
Commonly used in cancer patients, relaxation therapy, autogenic training requires a quiet environment, comfortable position, preferable to sitting or supine position, the two put on both sides of the arms, light eyes closed, static Xin or meditation guidance language. Before training, take care of patients of different cultural levels, it is necessary to do some simple words to explain, such as the ankle, the specific location of the hip.

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