Chinese anti-tumor drugs

By | April 24, 2012

Anti-tumor drug research and development of Chinese medicine developed rapidly, China is also an important feature of cancer treatment. Chinese anti-tumor drugs currently in research and development is divided into three categories:
The first is antineoplastic agents, mainly based on: the main tumor regression, symptoms, quality of life and immune function improved as supplementary indicators.
The second type is the tumor an adjuvant, such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy efficiency (increased efficacy of radiotherapy and chemotherapy), and (or) attenuated (reduced chemotherapy toxicity) of drugs, advanced cancer drugs (to improve symptoms, improve quality of life and prolonged survival time) and immunotherapy medicine.
The third category is the onset of symptoms for patients with cancer drugs, such as pain, alopecia, leukopenia and so on. The fourth category of drugs for complications of cancer patients.
Chinese anti-tumor drugs, at present, this class of drug development there are still some problems, such as mixed therapeutic purposes, can not clearly be synergistic, attenuated, or anti-tumor, is often the number of both; Chinese lack of uniform evaluation indicators , and mainly on the indicators are not clear; otherwise observed number of cases confusion, the range of treatment and treatment of diseases is not clear and so on.

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