Drugs suppress the proliferation of hepatoma cells

By | April 24, 2012

Drugs suppress the proliferation of hepatoma cells, tumor cell proliferation without limit the damage caused by the human body through direct killing of hepatoma cells and inhibit liver cancer cells can achieve therapeutic effect. Ma bury Yu Tan B through soil enzymes such as glycoside (PAG) on cultured human hepatoma cell line SMMC-7721 in the role of PAG in hepatoma cells that have different growth inhibition.
The following clinical trials by cancer experts to illustrate:
WANG Chang Chi woody plant, etc. will be made in the anti-cancer substances CM36 pumping effect on mouse liver (HAC), the cell death found in the electron microscope, disintegration and necrosis of cells filled with fat particles, also shows a large area apparent degeneration of cancer cells, the cytoplasm and condensed heterochromatin, mitochondria Kawasaki broken organelles incomplete.
Junfeng and other high-end consumer that the Spirit of Chinese medicine on the ultrastructure of the membrane system can destroy cancer cells, so cracking, collapse, inducing cancer cells produce large amounts of lysosomal cause its dissolution, degeneration, necrosis, type of liver cancer in mice transplanted entity inhibition rate of 48% -70%. Gao Ling and other in vitro in TCM901 cancer research, by trypan blue exclusion was found in 0.l/Lg/ml- 5g/ml drug concentration range, the H-7402 hepatoma cells showed a significant dose- the relationship between inhibition of cell debris under the microscope more common form of the rare complete dead cells, they speculate TCM901 dissolution of cancer cells.
Suppress proliferation of human drugs, such as observation of Bai Shaohuai Xiaopi granules Fuzheng on human hepatocellular carcinoma xenograft in nude mice of anti-cancer effects, the light microscope nude mice in experimental group found extensive degeneration of cells, large areas of necrosis, cancer mitotic phase decreases, indicating that direct inhibition of cancer cells and in vitro. Found by in vitro experiments abroad rhubarb, Huang Ling HepG2 hepatoma cells inhibited the proliferation, which may have caused inhibition of LDH increased AFP, further FCM-DNA ploidy analysis, we can see the cell cycle Gz / M phase decreased by damaged cells increased.
Wang Xiujie, etc. [97J carried out 3 times with tanshinone NIH mice tumor suppressor experiments using bromodeoxyuridine pyrimidine (Brdu) in vivo labeled, anti-proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) immunohistochemical staining method to determine liver cell proliferation kinetics and found that mouse liver treated by tanshinone H22 PCNA-positive tumor cells, Brdu labeled cells, the average tumor weight were significantly lower than the control group (P <0.01), that the mechanism of tanshinone against hepatocellular carcinoma cells may be inhibited PCNA expression l S DNA polymerase activity of high and, thus inhibiting DNA synthesis of hepatoma cells, blocking their entry into S phase. Inhibition of liver cancer cell growth. Zhang et al verified by all the mortgages, notoginseng, Codonopsis, 14 herbs in capsules made of anti-cancer drug Aetna role. SMMC7721 found in human hepatoma cells significantly inhibited RNA synthesis.
Wu Wan-yin and other cells with the pathological image analysis technique used to analyze the table on the mouse liver HePA oil content of the nucleus, I found my cancer surgery can reduce the oil optical density of DNA, nuclear area and DNA index, while increasing the times the proportion of somatic cells, reducing to five times the proportion of somatic cells, that anti-cancer mechanism of oil surgery I inhibition of tumor cell DNA synthesis and proliferation.
Suppress proliferation of human drugs, some Japanese scholars to study the Xiao Chai Hu Tang on liver cells in vivo animal experiments demonstrate a dose-dependent inhibition of normal liver cells in high concentrations in the Xiao Chai Hu Tang will not completely dead , and liver cancer cells with the drug concentration increased the mortality rate was significantly increased; further Xiao Chai Hu Tang crude drug components on the survival of liver cancer cells and found that Huang Ling Xi tumor suppressor role of the strongest, but the cancer survival rate is still 50 %, and only a small Bupleurum Decoction to cancer survival rate below 50%, which is not that its anti-hepatoma effect of various crude drugs alone, but the overall effect of Xiao Chai Hu Tang. There are green tea catechins and Traditional Chinese Medicines three cured tumor side, solid piece of gold mill product, compound Muji granules, balls, compound Xiaoliutang inhibit the growth of hepatoma cells.

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