Recurrence and metastasis of lung cancer

By | April 24, 2012

Recurrence of lung cancer, lung cancer metastasis and recurrence of anti-worked state, "Ninth Five-Year" research project, a lot of work in experimental research, to the molecular level, but no report of this clinical research project. Experimental studies have shown that: three parameters granules (the main component TMP, Sophora) inhibit tumor cell and endothelial cell adhesion, inhibition of adhesion molecule CD drama, CD49 expression, reduce the permeability of endothelial cells; of Tiam-l gene regulatory role, reduce tumor metastasis.
Shandong Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration "Ninth Five" key issues reported: Xiao Liu translation mixture on stage , cancer patients after 1 year of metastasis or recurrence, and chemotherapy alone as control, the results show that: lung, stomach, breast cancer metastasis rate of 11% in all treatment groups, 0 and 10% in the control group was 66%, 55% and 54%, and from animal experiments, immunization, microcirculation, blood rheology, four B2/6-K-PGF-l ratio, DNA content and morphological parameters of cells, AgNOR number and cell cycle perspective of its effect mechanism.
Overall speaking, the Chinese anti-metastasis and recurrence of the research is still in the early stages of basic research has been from the benefit category, class of blood circulation, heat antidote, Endometriosis class and dampness Chinese herbs to start the experimental study, a single taste Pharmaceutical research has Cordyceps sinensis, PSK, baicalin, Salvia, honey, sea pumice, leeches, worms re-snakes, red peony root and so on. It is noteworthy that the experimental study found that blood circulation drugs Salvia, red to go 7, angelica, saffron and contribute to the transfer and proliferation of cancer cells, clinical studies it was found that blood circulation strength and transfer of qi and blood deficiency type gastric cancer positively correlated, suggesting a syndrome of gastric cancer at some stage, blood circulation may promote metastasis.
Recurrence of lung cancer, Chinese medicine is different from the Western anti-tumor transfer mechanism, as from a single link in terms of the role of Western medicine, but traditional Chinese medicine is a multi-target, multi-component of comprehensive treatment, drug side effects, inhibition of metastasis, respectively, from the various in all aspects, such as the righting of Chinese medicine can improve immune function, strengthen the immune surveillance of tumor cells; blood medicine can change the whole blood viscosity and platelet aggregation ability to prevent penetration of cancer cells to blood vessels; and the major role in Chinese traditional medicines Gene regulation and control, early repair of cancer cells, various drugs, to achieve comprehensive treatment. Multi-center clinical research is currently needed, randomized, clinical evidence of a large sample and, if randomized, double-blind, multicenter clinical validation as a basis, in order to further deepen the experimental study. Genomics research methods and gene chip provides us with effective mechanisms of Chinese herbal medicine and more effective means of target.

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