Cancer patients with pain killers Notes

By | December 18, 2011

Cancer pain patients, especially the main symptoms in patients with advanced one of its patients in physical pain to bring, it is also to patient anxiety, irritability, depression, despair, bad mood, which in turn will further increase the pain, the formation of vicious circle. Lasting and severe pain not only seriously affect people's quality of life. So, let the survival of cancer pain patients, has been pursued the goal of many people. The following are cancer patients using analgesics Note:
(1) timely given analgesic drugs: is generally believed that cancer pain patients should be in a few weeks before death or life in the last two months to start receiving pain medication. But in fact there are many cancer patients already at an earlier appeared intermittent or persistent intractable pain, the pain so that patients often unbearable. Therefore, the new view, for the pain of cancer patients, should be bold and take a variety of therapeutic measures to patients in both mental and physical pain. Pain in the patient's general condition will deteriorate rapidly, immune dysfunction, if not timely removed, the treatment of cancer is also very bad.
(2) the principle of election by pain medicine: patients with varying degrees of pain, must be from non-opioids to weak opioid and then to use the principle of strong opioid analgesic drugs. Doses of medication should start small dose and then gradually increased according to dose of pain control situation. Must not be indiscriminate use of drugs, or, to the latter worked hard to analgesic drugs.
(3) select the appropriate route of administration: For the vast majority of cancer pain patients, can be obtained through good oral analgesic effect. Some patients with advanced oral medication can not, you should select sublingual analgesic, or subcutaneous injection and intravenous analgesics.
(4) Prevention of drug resistance: long-term use for chronic pain in patients with analgesic drugs, will be the emergence of drug resistance issues. Meanwhile, the longer the drug, the greater the dose required, all adverse reactions will follow. To prevent or reduce drug resistance methods are: comprehensive application as a supplementary drug to enhance the analgesic effect; alternatively different types of pain medication and not a drug alone; patients to alleviate pain, the gradual dose reduction medication may be appropriate to extend the interval of time; also treated with other pain relief methods.
(5) under the guidance of the physician medication: the treatment of cancer pain, the choice of what drug, what dose to use, how long, is very particular. Therefore, under the guidance of the physician should use drugs.
(6) by physician's orders in a timely manner to prepare sufficient quantities of drugs: in home care, we must grasp the correct prescription drugs according to the type, dosage, route of administration and delivery time, because of persistent pain can reduce pain in width, increasing the pain more difficult. Actual observations have shown that a reasonable dose, accurate delivery time, you can eliminate 80% -90% of cancer patients with pain.
(7) observe the efficacy and effective after treatment Time: medication dose should be gradually increased from small to reduce adverse reactions, such as the application of morphine should be 0.01 grams began to gradually increase the volume to eliminate the pain until the pain disappears, the dose can be gradually reduced. Pain medication is best not to use morphine for relief for the sheet (meperidine), as relief for the long half-life of the metabolites of camel, easy savings, toxic, and easy to addiction, should not use meperidine as the prevention and treatment of chronic cancer pain.
(8) cancer patients with pain medication notes, taking pain medicine at home, to pay attention: pain medications do not put children can get a place, do not put together the different drugs, drug name, dosage must be signed in the bottle write clearly, without consent of the physician's consent do not easily change the dose of drugs, such as taking the liquid pain medication, there should be a graduated medicine cup to accurately medication. Add in the liquid sugar or fruit juice, in order to facilitate acceptance.
(9) before and after oral analgesics Do not drink alcohol: Alcohol can increase the pain medication because of toxicity, even conventional doses can cause liver and kidney damage.
(10) using different routes of administration as appropriate: patients whose condition or treatment of serious nausea, vomiting, or swallowing difficulties, use of injection, by subcutaneous, intramuscular or intravenous injection, can also be used painkillers anal suppositories or patches, also very effective.
(11) Measures of adverse reactions: some painkillers may have some adverse reactions, particularly narcotic analgesics, can be manifestations of nausea, vomiting, acid reflux, indigestion, constipation, headache, dizziness, Pisha, breathing rapid, etc., should be promptly stop using the drug, to consult physicians, replacement of other drugs, to avoid worse, cause other adverse consequences.
(12) to prevent serious drug reactions: a long take non-narcotic drugs alone or together with steroids, there is likely to cause stomach bleeding. Isobutyl phenyl propionate of renal insufficiency may also increase, affecting blood coagulation mechanism, should be used with caution in patients with thrombocytopenia the drug.
(13) medication should be increased appropriately before going to bed: at night, before going to bed can increase the dose 50% -100%, in order to ensure pain-free sleep.
(14) cancer patients with pain medication precautions in severe pain when the use of heroin or morphine: relieve severe pain, heroin and morphine have a strong analgesic effect, some people think heroin is the only effective narcotic painkillers, which is wrong. In fact, heroin in the body is transformed into morphine analgesic effect only after the play.

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