Specific requirements and radiation protection measures

By | December 18, 2011

Radiation therapy is an important means of treatment of malignant tumors is often used to treat skin cancer, laryngeal cancer, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, advanced cervical cancer and other malignancies, or with surgery to improve the therapeutic effect. But it should be noted that radiation not only inhibit tumor, anti-effect on normal tissue injury has some, if used properly, will cause irreversible damage to the patient.
Specific requirements and radiation protection measures (1) must comply with the requirements of radiation therapy:
Before treatment, there should be a clear diagnosis of pathology and cytology, tumor stage, cell differentiation and mesenchymal and so on, as an important basis for development of radiotherapy.
Although radiotherapy wider range of applications, but there are some indications. Developing radiation treatment planning, should be to master the physical condition of the patient, tumor type, stage of disease sooner or later, etc., decided to choose radical radiotherapy, or palliative radiotherapy.
the radiation must be used all possible measures to enhance the tumor dose region to reduce the surrounding normal tissue or organ exposure, with particular attention to minimizing radiation-sensitive tissues and organs (such as bone marrow and lung) of the radiation dose to avoid serious consequences.
radiotherapy should be used in the individual principles. Each patient has different tumor site, and general condition, in the development of treatment guidelines should be decided according to the specific circumstances of dose and radiation field. Even the same patient at different stages also have different circumstances, should be adjusted according to changes in disease treatment program.
In the course of radiotherapy, radiotherapy with physicians and technicians must work closely together to develop and implement plans, radiotherapy, MD, also with surgery, medicine, Chinese medicine closely with physicians, there are plans to carry out comprehensive treatment, in order to consolidate and improve the outcome.
Specific requirements and radiation protection measures (2) protection during radiation therapy:
protection of the skin within the radiation field, do not use soap or a large force irritating rub the skin within the radiation field, once the damage is difficult to heal.
to prevent the flu, because it will increase the radiation pneumonitis, and speed increased radiation pulmonary fibrosis.
reasonable diet: high-calorie, high protein, high vitamin, low-fat diet.
specific requirements and radiation protection measures to maintain the normal state of mind, appropriate exercise.

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