Method of cancer pain patients

By | December 17, 2011

Patients with cancer pain relief methods (1) relaxation therapy can relieve pain: application of relaxation therapy to learn to fully relax the muscles, not only pain relief, a good way to prevent the pain got worse, and in the rehabilitation of the disease process, effectively eliminating anxiety, help patients to improve sleep quality, adequate rest, recuperate as soon as possible play an important role. The specific method of relaxation therapy are:
breathing relaxation;
rhythm massage.
Patients with cancer pain relief methods (2) pain distraction: a variety of distracting activities, as long as patients are able to attract the attention of the content can be applied to the pain up. Such as Xin music, watching TV, listening to the radio and so on.
Patients with cancer pain relief methods (3) stimulate the skin pain: the use of massage, cold, heat, pressure and other means to stimulate the skin, so pain or to reduce pain, the specialist in the medical field have been widely used. Burns, such as surgery, the method can use local cold to reduce pain and effusion; medical disease caused by abdominal pain, through service massage, heat and other methods, be eased.
massage pain: According to the site of pain, the patient can own as well as by others, in the waist, back and feet were slow, steady circular massage.
pressure pain: The wrist, hand, fingers, knuckles, or the whole hand, press the painful area or near the area were about 10 seconds, so that patients understand if there is an analgesic effect, if the pain is not obvious then the pressure pain point for the best , found after a fixed pressure to give 1,2 minutes, sometimes hours of pain relief can reach a few minutes or hours.
Temperature stimulate pain: pain occurs when pain if you want to use thermal stimuli, the proposed method with the cold, if some parts are not suitable for cold, pain should be assisted to use other methods. Cold numbness by causing local area to achieve pain relief. Better pain relief and sustained longer. Use cold ice packs or ice bags wrapped a towel to perform partial cold. Note that local reactions to skin whitening is appropriate. But can not place frostbite.

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