Cancer patients with medication errors

By | April 26, 2012

Medication errors cancer patients, cancer patients with medication, often some free agents, blind medication, not only did not cure disease, but also may cause more damage. This so-called cancer patients with medication errors.
Misunderstanding: the generic drugs when the tonic
Some people often buy gamma globulin injections for children that can enhance the resistance Hua Xiaoqian. In fact, only some of the ball C viral infection have a preventive effect, but only a temporary passive immunity, not a disease Duneng prevention, the blind multi-may inhibit the production of autoantibodies, interference effects of other vaccines. Some people will also vitamins as supplements, in fact, only as a vitamin deficiency of vitamin therapy, free use of even more toxic.
Myth: Drugs highest bid is effective
The level of drug prices, mainly related to its raw materials, scarcity of raw materials, acquisition difficult, or complex process, drug prices will be high, otherwise cheap. Drug prices and the effect is not proportional to, for example: nitroglycerin, but a few cents per piece, but it is nowadays still recognized as acute myocardial infarction patients with "life-saving medicine." A key to open a lock, as long as the right medicine, drugs do not care about the price of equal status.
Myth: Drug blindly
Some people always ask doctors to prescribe new drugs, they recognized efficacy of new drugs is good medicine, especially chronic illness, hoping to seek from the immediate effect of new drugs. But in general, the clinical import of new drugs and just the practical effect of drugs and side effects of the observation time is not long, there is an exploration, practice and testing process, some of which may not withstand the test of elimination, we can not blindly believe that new drugs .
Cancer patients with medication errors, Myth: superstition tonic
Some patients believe that "the sick will be true, it certainly make up the virtual," so sick to take a tonic. As everyone knows, there are certain tonic scope, not the panacea cure-all package, Xu Zheng is only applicable to patients with tonic, and Xu Zheng were also of different types, yet to a reasonable use under the circumstances. If the indiscriminate abuse of supplements tend to be worse. Such as hypertension, oral intake of ginseng and other supplements, make a sudden jump in blood pressure, cerebral vascular accident or even serious consequences.
Myth: superstitious remedies ill treatment
Some suffer from chronic and difficult diseases, the treatment eager, often blindly in thrall recipe or recipe, whether symptomatic, they rashly use. Remedies in the governance of a disease results when there may be a matter of fact, but it is after all only stay in the perceptual knowledge to rational knowledge without sublimation, the user mostly knowing I do not know why the therapeutic effective, more a lack of side effects or toxicity of their understanding.
In addition, the recipe or the recipe and more doctors from non-formal application methods are not uniform, but also a catastrophe due to improper use, more that medical arena tour this as fraud, money in the guise of seeking patients. Therefore, should not blind thrall recipe, recipe, has been harmful error.
Myth: To win a multi-
Some patients see a doctor, see a doctor only open two three drugs, less drug will not cure disease suspicion. As everyone knows, prescription drugs are based on patient's condition, physical and drug interactions and other factors considered, the treatment can be symptomatic medication for the CD to the principles of medicine, rather than "soldiers on Han Xin, the more the better," Clinical doctors like to prescription , efficacy is not always better.
Seven Mistakes: superstition antibiotics
Some patients see their children or parents of a cold and fever subside to ask doctors to prescribe antibiotics, fluids and to antibiotics as a "panacea." As everyone knows, due to common cold is a virus, antibiotics do it no no avail. Indiscriminate use of antibiotics, highly resistant, and can cause allergies and other adverse reactions, can also cause serious life-threatening.
Cancer patients with medication errors, misunderstandings eight: that the medicine without side effects
As the saying goes: "is the three-drug", the same medicine is no exception, but the role of traditional Chinese medicine more moderate majority of it, in fact, Chinese medicine also has its Vice toxicity, not to mention there are many medicinal and poisonous medicine intense it, had served the more may be toxic and even life-threatening also. Therefore, the correct way is under the guidance of experienced doctors, through the diagnosis and treatment, symptomatic drug therapy, will be beneficial to health and life.

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