Cancer pain medication

By | October 30, 2011

Clinical trials, treatment of malignant bone pain drugs Yi Ruining – Zoledronic Acid Injection: This is the main ingredient of zoledronic acid, the chemical name: 2 – (imidazole -1– yl) -1– hydroxy-ethane -1,1 – diphosphate monohydrate.
Yi Ruining – zoledronic acid for injection is mainly inhibit bone resorption, its mechanism is not fully clear, and many may be related to the role. Zoledronic acid inhibited osteoclasts in vitro activity, inducing osteoclast apoptosis, also blocked by a combination of bone osteoclasts on the absorption of bone and cartilage mineralization. Zoledronic acid can also inhibit the release by the tumor caused by a variety of stimulating factors enhance osteoclast activity and calcium release.

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