Advanced cancer-specific drugs

By | October 30, 2011

Clinical trials, disease progression in advanced cancer a relatively high degree, surgery and radiotherapy and chemotherapy are no longer suitable for applications, but to use drugs to alleviate symptoms in patients with conservative treatment, and further anti-tumor. Commonly used in advanced clinical tumor-specific drugs – cinobufotalin film.
Advanced tumor-specific drugs – the anti-cancer cinobufotalin films:
(1) with a piece of cinobufotalin treatment of digestive system tumors and other tumors were 570 cases, a one-month course of treatment, treatment more than one or two courses, and to observe more than one month, effective and stable accounting for 80.74%.
(2) histological observations showed that cinobufotalin 5-Fu films and chemotherapy as the tumor tissue, the cancer cell nuclear fragmentation, necrosis, degeneration. Immune response can be seen that those who use film cinobufotalin significantly increased cellular immunity has also been enhanced. Such as the treatment of gastric cancer patients, tumor necrosis increased significantly better than the surgery group (P <0.05) and the chemotherapy group were flat; cancer peripheral immune response indicators (cancer peripheral lymphoid – plasma cell reaction) positive cases, significantly better than the surgery group ( P <0.05), with no significant difference in the chemotherapy group.
(3) general improvement of clinical symptoms. Showed increased appetite, pain mitigation, weight gain, wound scab, soft lumps, Bureau of lymphatic therapy reduce surgical adhesions, in particular, caused due to chemotherapy and bone marrow suppression and serious gastrointestinal reactions resulting in interrupted treatment, use the product can make blood , liver and decreased cellular immune function is no longer ensure the smooth progress of chemotherapy.
(4) of this product to treat gastric cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, esophageal cancer , liver cancer, lung cancer, acute leukemia and other significant effect.
(5) cinobufotalin treatment tablets in the course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, has a unique role of white blood cells rise, both to improve the characteristics of cellular immune function, it is recommended radiation and chemotherapy combined with other drugs to counteract the side effects of chemotherapy to achieve synergistic therapeutic effect .

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