Early symptoms of primary tracheal tumors

By | October 30, 2011

Primary tracheal tumors are mostly from epithelial and glandular, with benign and malignant points, mostly malignant. Low incidence of tracheal tumors. Autopsy data in cancer, tracheal cancer accounted for only 0.1%. The disease occurs in 30-40 years old, the young people.
Early symptoms of primary tracheal tumors, primary tracheal tumors are Chinese cough, asthma card, Asthma and other areas, the main etiology and pathogenesis of the exogenous evils invasion, poor diet, emotional stagnation, physical weakness caused by dysfunctional organs, sputum endogenous wet, smothering airway resistance, or lung of the gas-poor, gas stagnation bloodstain, airway obstruction, paralysis of sputum from each end.
Early tracheal cancer often no obvious symptoms, clinical observation of early symptoms of primary tracheal tumors are:
(1) cough: more irritating dry cough or spit a small amount of white sputum paroxysmal;
(2) sputum blood: mostly with a small amount of blood stained sputum.
(3) wheezing: Multi-inhale and exhale the beginning of his patients often can hear the wheezing sound, sometimes as a result of the increase or reduce the body, the use of anti-asthma drug can not be;
(4) breathing difficulties: mostly late symptoms, aggravating or mitigating bit changes, severe symptoms may have a typical Au.
(5) Hoarseness: more a result of tumor involvement or mediastinal lymph node swelling due to compression of recurrent laryngeal nerve. Vocal cord paralysis, difficulty in breathing.
(6), cyanosis, and other hypoxia: the emergence of severe obstruction.
(7) Other: metastases after transfer of the site with the corresponding signs and symptoms. Anemia, weight loss, cachexia late manifestations.
(8) complications: pneumonia, pulmonary atelectasis shares and swollen, often caused by swelling and plug the lumen.
Early symptoms of primary tracheal tumors have a lot of, pay attention to prevention.

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