Cancer drugs and health products difference

By | October 17, 2011

Cancer drugs are used for the treatment of disease, diagnosis and prevention, the role of life-saving drugs, which are closely related with human life.The health care products by definition, health care and adjuvant therapy, there is a big difference between the two.
Cancer drugs and health products difference: first, the different effects, drug is a treatment that can reduce the mass, pain, antiemetic, etc., but the manual on health care products can only be immunomodulatory, anti-mutation, strengthening the immune system.
Cancer drugs and health products difference: while talking about medication, health products and medicines have mentioned choice of the errors, the majority of patients and their families so as to fog, then how to correctly distinguish the treatment of drugs and health products it?Distinction between drugs and health products are the main criteria is whether Zhunzi, clinical efficacy is accurate, there are drugs, on the contrary, compared with health care products.Fair to say that some health care products is a certain role in immune function and health, but the cancer therapy in a clear lack of reliable clinical evidence, so the application process must be careful to avoid adversely affected by illness.Tumors are incurable diseases of today's medicine, even with the best cancer treatment only to relieve symptoms and prolong life cycle role, reminding patients must not believe in the hype that some health care products in order to avoid delaying the treatment time, we must actively seeking effective treatment; with medical advances in the treatment of drug levels are also rising, but many patients because the economic burden of a one-sided in terms of prices or whether the choice of drugs as the standard for reimbursement, the price of treatment is often missed opportunity treatment may lead to greater burden, that is the drug of choice in the treatment of NPC should take the least money on the treatment of oncoming more vigorous, a serious threat to the survival of the disease, which is one of four treatments by Hill & Knowlton consistent purpose.
Tumor differences in medicines and health products: Second batch different: drugs are approved by the State Drug Administration issued: The format is: Zhunzi Z, H,S… … (Z said medicine, H-chemicals,Ssaid biological products) that require special here is that Zhunzi B, is that health care products, is the original non-standard health care drugs.The batch number of health care products, the city of Wei Jian fresh word … … and so on.  Therefore, cancer patients choose to buy drugs, be sure to tell if it was drugs or health products, ornot say it is crucial that delayed access to treatment.

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