Cancer chemotherapy drugs in the Western

By | October 17, 2011

Chemotherapy drugs are not a kill all tumor cells, which are two reasons:
The role of chemotherapy drugs in Western medicine first, chemotherapy drugs only in the proliferative phase of tumor cells play a role, while the dormant tumor cells does not work. Some of the growth of tumor cells in proliferation, while others in sleep, drink or do not exercise. When we kill certain tumor cells, dormant tumor cells into the proliferative phase to supplement the elimination of tumor cells by us, which is why we have designed a number of chemotherapy truth.
The role of chemotherapy in the other Western drugs, chemotherapy drugs is based on the number of class to kill tumor cells, that is, each time only to eliminate a certain percentage of tumor cells, like the glass of sugar water, allow only Pour half of you think you can do will be completely drained of sugar? However, when reduced to a certain number of tumor cells below, we can be scavenged by the immune system, which is why we also use traditional Chinese medicine in chemotherapy as soon as possible restore the immune function of reason.
The role of chemotherapy drugs in Western medicine, in the Chinese view, is a toxic chemotherapy drugs, chemotherapy is actually a fire with fire, chemotherapy drugs in the eradication of tumor cells, but also damage the body, above all, the spleen and stomach damage, then qi and blood. In recent years, many physicians also found in the chemotherapy treatment with Chinese medicine, prevention and treatment of chemotherapy side effects, improve efficacy and enhance the body's resistance to disease have some help.
1. Kent and stomach "stomach who Mizutani of the sea", while the evil of their sexual hi run dry, the gas down are as smooth.
TCM treatment of chemotherapy induced gastrointestinal reactions, it can play a certain role to reduce or control. It should be noted that, although western medicine has a strong antiemetic effect, but have different levels of side effects, especially cause constipation, so that the quality of life of patients affected. Medicine on the one hand reduce the side effects of antiemetic drugs, on the one hand to adjust the spleen and stomach function, so that patients, increased appetite, improved quality of life.
Major Prescription: Xiangsha Liujunzi soup.
commonly used Chinese medicine: Jiang Ban Xia, Zhuru, Citrus, Radix, was Ling, Bai Zhu, berberine, the Soviet Union stems and so on.
2. BNI
Because of Integrative Medicine side effects of chemotherapy Zhuo effective, drugs to prevent more bone marrow suppression, so that the safety of chemotherapy greatly enhanced. In addition to use of qi and blood, spleen Qi drugs, they also need the spleen and kidney, to protect bone marrow.
Major Prescription: Ba Zhen Tang
commonly used Chinese medicine: Min Huang, Codonopsis, arrested worship, Ligustrum lucidum, daphne silk son, Schisandra, psoralen, Huang Jing, angelica, Millettia, Eclipta grass.

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