Cancer drug – drug Huatanruanjianpian

By | April 25, 2012

Cancer drug – Huatanruanjianpian drugs, laminarin is a drug in Huatanruanjianpian glucan extracted from brown algae, under artificial conditions in the laminarin sulfate into sulfate (LAMS), LAMS has a wide range of biological activity .
Studies have looked at LAMS in the anti-tumor effect of angiogenesis found, LAMS inhibitory activity of the blood vessels was significantly higher than suramin, but side effects are greater. LAMS is an antagonist of bFGF and bFGF-dependent attachment of cell proliferation inhibitors. Foreign scholars have found the higher the degree of sulfuric acid LAMS, the stronger the inhibitory effect of bFGF, the more inhibited cell proliferation. LAMS can be directly combined with bFGF, bFGF proliferation inhibition mechanism is to make the bFGF affinity sites can not be combined with, interfere with the signal boost. So the researchers think that LAMS can interfere with tumor angiogenesis in bFGF signal stimulation, blocked the tumor angiogenesis.
Department of winged kelp algae brown algae type plants kelp, wakame seaweed and kelp genus Laminaria thallus plants. Mei Qi, of brackish; the liver, stomach, kidney. Phlegm Ruanjian benefits of water swelling. Treating thyroid cancer, malignant lymphoma, lung cancer and lymph node cancer. Oral; Jiantang ,6-12g, or into pills, powder II were hanged spleen Deficiency Yun wet.
[Clinical application]
1. Rule NPC kelp, raw oysters (Xian Jian), artillery Shan Jia, aspartame each 20g, Hill arrowhead 15g. Decoction, day 1, minutes 2-3 times service.
2. Treatment of thyroid cancer Seaweed 60g, Chai Hu 60g, wheat (Cuzhu, dried) 120g, gentian (wine mixed, Chaojiao) 60g. On the drugs were for the end of refining honey for the pill, such as the Indus child large, each serving 20 to 30 pills, get under the temporary liquor lying. Particularly good metaphor of the pharynx.
3. Rule of lung cancer kelp, seaweed, Pinellia, full melon concubine of the 15g, diffusa 30g. Decoction, on behalf of the tea. Day 1.
4. Governance lymphoma kelp, seaweed, Prunella, stone see through the 15-30g, decoction, divided into 3 sub-service, day 1.
[Compatibility of experience]
This product is often associated with algae match Endometriosis, treatment of thyroid cancer.
Pharmacological effects
1. anti-tumor effect of hot water extract of kelp mouse sarcoma 180, leukemia 1210, Meth-A tumor, from -16 melanoma, sarcoma l head. Significant inhibitory effect. In addition, the body also found that kelp on cultured human KB cells have significant cytotoxic effects, can kill 50% t of the cancer cells.
Cancer drug – drug Huatanruanjianpian 2. Immune enhancement of immune function Tangle significant role in promoting; to gaze intently against the plastic from the cyclophosphamide induced leukopenia and 60Co ray radiation damage, and can significantly increase the value of half of hemolysis, and enhance humoral immune function.

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