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By | April 25, 2012

Liver cancer treatment, drug treatment of liver diseases in 2007, hot spots are still concentrated in the hepatitis B drugs, with the deeply rooted antiviral therapy of hepatitis B, nucleosides sea change occurred in the market: the recession is still lamivudine Dynasty acceleration, entecavir continues to write its magic, anti-viral drug telbivudine strong incoming, new listings of domestic adefovir dipivoxil is also struggling to occupy its own place … … The year 2007 brought us a year of surprises, also the memorable year, I summed up in Guangzhou in 2007, the Housing Special Drugs hot liver disease drug, to share with you.
1. Sorafenib – the first targeted drugs for the treatment of liver cancer. November 19, 2007, the U.S. FDA approved Suo Lani (Nexavar) for the treatment of unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma, and after Sorafenib has been approved in many countries for the treatment of advanced renal cell carcinoma and metastatic liver cancer.
Liver cancer is the second cause of death, hepatocellular carcinoma accounts for 80% of all liver cancer -90% of malignant tumors is one of the worst prognosis. Sorafenib in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma shown in clinical trials: Sorafenib significantly prolonged the survival time of patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma, and can inhibit tumor cell growth and tumor angiogenesis, but little effect on normal cells . Sorafenib is a novel multi-target anticancer drugs, it has a dual anti-tumor effect, on the one hand by inhibiting the RAF / MEK / ERK signal transduction pathway direct inhibition of tumor growth; the other hand, by inhibiting the VEGF and platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) receptor and blocks tumor angiogenesis and indirectly inhibit tumor cell growth. Sorafenib from November 29, 2006 approved in the domestic market has been the support of the majority of patients and doctors, and its charitable activities were also donated medicine, and number of hospitals in Guangzhou Special Drugs Housing carried out a warm response.
Sorafenib is the best crystallization of biological targeted technology, but also many patients with cancer of the Gospel. Sorafenib is currently non-small cell lung cancer and malignant melanoma in clinical research is still underway, and we look forward to sorafenib can bring us more good news. Thymosin class – old and new immunomodulatory drugs, replacement of the internal
2. Thymosin clinical use of drugs is the most immune modulators, including thymosin, thymosin Thymopentin and 1, which through the regulation of lymphocyte development, differentiation and maturation to regulate and enhance the body immunity, anti virus, anti-tumor and regulation The role of immunization. Patients are used for: chronic hepatitis B, cancer adjuvant therapy, skin diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, acute fulminant hepatitis, autoimmune disease, and frail elderly and other immunocompromised diseases.
October 2007, FDA's Adverse Event Reporting Twelfth Warning: thymosin injection may cause anaphylactic shock, and to remind medical staff to strictly control the indications and choice of thymosin a reasonable route of administration, injection must be skin test, in order to avoid and reduce adverse reactions. In contrast, thymosin 1 Thymopentin and expanding the clinical application, manufacturers and sales are increasing, the reason, the main therapeutic effect of the latter is more specific, no allergies, and adverse reactions were mild. Thymosin replacement of old and new products are responsive to community needs, thymosin manufacturers are looking for better ways to improve products, such as changing the mode of administration; and thymopentin and "thymosin 1 has been a growing number of doctors and patients recognized, replace the study of medicine liver disease is steadily moving forward, but also levels of drug treatment of liver diseases is not poor, in addition to the 2007 listing of these hot new products, drugs and some drugs in clinical research is also worthy of our expectations, such as: for the promise dipivoxil, emtricitabine, B g and so on.
3. Telbivudine – clever intruder market for hepatitis B HBeAg-positive chronic hepatitis B patients, the treatment of hepatitis B virus drugs potent inhibitory effect is very important, but achieving HBeAg seroconversion are the patients most in need. Many experts have proposed: "potent inhibition of HBV DNA" and "high serum conversion" should be evaluated together as an important indicator of the efficacy of nucleoside analogues, telbivudine is precisely such a dual effect of anti-HBV drugs .
Telbivudine is a Novartis company on April 8, 2007 in the domestic market of the hepatitis B drug, and its antiviral activity after entecavir than lamivudine and adefovir dipivoxil, and its potent anti-viral role is in doubt, while in the same class of anti-HBV nucleoside drugs, telbivudine has the highest rate of HBeAg seroconversion and the best security, is the only Pregnancy Category B-class anti-hepatitis B nucleoside viral drugs. But the high resistance rate is Mishap telbivudine, hepatitis B patients in the largest trial, telbivudine resistance rates of 2 years in HBeAg-positive patients and HBeAg-negative patients were 8.6% and 21.6%, which is telbivudine, hepatitis B can not enter the United States, the main first-line drugs. Novartis is a clever intruder, they use industry experts proposed "road map hepatitis B treatment," the concept of nucleoside antiviral drugs had a long test and the results showed: 24 weeks of antiviral therapy to predict long-term therapeutic effect. Use of telbivudine for 24 weeks in the initial treatment, if their HBV DNA levels decreased to undetectable levels, then after 2 years of therapy, these patients have achieved amazing results. And 24 weeks were ineffective, you can adjust the treatment according to the actual. In this way, a high resistance rate to solve the problems, but also to track the patient management.
4. On behalf of the D – adefovir dipivoxil occupy the domestic right place.
2 years ago, on behalf of the small first listed as a domestic adefovir dipivoxil and hepatitis B drug sensation throughout the market, it has also become China's first independently developed first-line treatment of hepatitis B. Last year, the names tell the infringement on behalf of the small country has once again aroused the universal concern. This year, on behalf of D from the hustle and bustle to quiet, but its sales are steadily increasing, not only firmly secured sales esters Adefovir top of the table, has become the hepatitis B drug market in recent years.
Adefovir dipivoxil is a nucleoside anti-HBV drugs, can rapidly reduce serum HBV-DNA level, and has low resistance, well tolerated, etc., with other nucleoside anti-HBV drug combination is not found that the phenomenon of cross-resistance can be used as an alternative to medication in patients with lamivudine resistance, is recognized worldwide as first-line treatment of hepatitis B virus resistant one.
Adefovir dipivoxil for lamivudine resistant remedy products high in the lamivudine era of a dominant product has won a high voice, and on behalf of D, as China has independently developed adefovir dipivoxil, and looting in He peacekeeping force, who was, before entecavir, hepatitis B occupied the domestic market, won the opportunity, also won huge returns; the same time, after 2 years of proved effectiveness of adefovir dipivoxil made stable, safe and reliable.
5. Pui music can – the classic by individual long-term administration of interferon
Shanghai, in IFN R & D is a global leader in the Schering-Plough announced: Perry Lenon (pegylated interferon -2b) by the State Food and Drug Administration approval, the official for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B, which is following the school Elohim after another long-term treatment for chronic hepatitis B interferon. Interferon therapy for chronic hepatitis B has been nearly 20 years of history, it produced through the induction of
the immune system to kill the virus antiviral factor, has anti-virus and regulation of the immune dual role. Interferon drug resistance does not exist, HBeAg seroconversion rate is also high, is the most commonly used treatment of hepatitis B drug. But its numerous side effects, drug half-life is short, need daily injections to maintain therapeutic concentrations, and a variety of factors have affected its efficacy.
It is in music can wear many drawbacks of the normal interferon improved long-term interferon. By pegylated interferon, the increased molecular weight, thereby delaying the rate of metabolism of interferon by the kidneys, so that drugs can maintain therapeutic concentrations in the body for a long time, reducing the number of injections (one injection per week), play a "long effective "role; same time, the polyethylene glycol molecular weight of the modified group is small enough to ensure that the antiviral activity of interferon is not destroyed. In addition, music can wear designed for different weight groups a variety of specifications of the injection, while ensuring the efficacy of high dose interferon reduces the adverse effects and increase the patient's medication safety.
6. Fuzhenghuayu Capsule – traditional Chinese medicine on hepatic fibrosis
July 23, 2007, from Shanghai's "International Forum of Traditional Chinese Medicine," From the news: from the Institute of Liver Diseases, Shanghai Medical University, Shanghai Modern Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co., Ltd. jointly developed anti-hepatic fibrosis drugs "Fuzhenghuayu capsules (film)" has been launched into the U.S. FDA approved Phase II clinical studies, and this is compound of Chinese medicine into the U.S. market has great hopes of an effort.
Fuzhenghuayu capsules (tablets) Study of Liver Diseases, Shanghai TCM experts 20 years of painstaking research results, through more than 50,000 cases of clinical treatment, proved to be the treatment of chronic liver disease, cirrhosis of the liver has a unique effect. After dozens of basic research, the researchers not only illustrates the Fuzhenghuayu capsules (tablets) against the main mechanism of liver fibrosis and liver fibrosis established an important treatment method. 2003 (film) won the State Science and Technology Progress Award, and enter the national basic medical insurance drug directories, has been widely used in China, the Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong to launch a 2-year therapy of decompensated liver function also showed a good clinical efficacy. Fuzhenghuayu capsules (tablets) directly into Phase II clinical studies in the United States, in addition to national experts conducted a long-term research and clinical trials, the partners in the United States, the University of California San Diego School of Medicine Liver Center has played an important role, which is successfully applied transnational "joint production and research" to promote a model of Medicines into the world. The efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine and the unique advantages of fewer side effects, but also the world will gradually be sure.
Liver cancer treatment, 7. Gump set – the rising star of adefovir dipivoxil
November 11, from Fujian Kwong Sang Tong Medicine and the joint development of China Pharmaceutical University and the State with independent intellectual property rights of a class of drugs, "Forrest Gump given" adefovir dipivoxil tablets in Fuzhou, the official declaration of the market. This is the second generation of D, who was, and Adi cents after the approval of listing of another domestic adefovir dipivoxil, but only after a few days on the second, Zhejiang dipivoxil medicine "for a long time music" films are adefovir dipivoxil declared public, in addition, there are still hundreds of domestic R & D institutions to apply for a new drug adefovir dipivoxil clinical and registration, can be seen, the domestic anti-hepatitis B virus market, especially in the competitive market, adefovir dipivoxil has been heating up. Adefovir dipivoxil is the world recognized first-line treatment of hepatitis B anti-virus, anti-hepatitis B virus Forrest Gump given medication as "latecomers" in their positioning and propaganda, have good performance. Forrest Gump given a class of drugs not only have national certification, still more than the regular hospital after a long-term clinical trials, and effective; advanced production technology, the quality can be sure; the same time, Forrest Gump given to the most affordable to the provinces City of hepatitis B market, and to "let the people can afford," the hepatitis B antiviral drugs in the networks, newspapers and other media have done a lot of publicity, access to the recognition, in addition, Forrest Gump given drug manufacturers to public charitable gifts activities, has won the trust of the majority of patients.

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