Cancer drug – drug fire with fire

By | April 25, 2012

Cancer drug – fight like drugs. Ancient traditional Chinese medicine Chan Su is a commonly used anti-tumor medicine blindly, but Bufalin extracted from the Toad anticancer active ingredient. Foreign scholars to type collagen in the medium-generated three-dimensional capillary-like network structure as a model, adding Bufalin observed effects on angiogenesis, the results indicate that 5 mmol / l Bufalin can significantly inhibit the formation of capillaries, visible vascular endothelial cells were blocked at G2 / M phase, cell proliferation was inhibited, indicating that the antitumor effect of Bufalin inhibit tumor angiogenesis and its closely related.
Bringing this product alias frog cakes, frog plasma, toad cakes, etc., the Department of Animal Science Chinese looking great looking spider clams and black worms looking over the ear orbital gland secretion after the mortar grout color, the collection from drying. Sweet, acrid, warm, toxic; return the Heart Sutra. Attack killing insects, cesarean section Sanjie, swelling and pain. Treating skin cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, leukemia, osteosarcoma and other tumors; also plague economic sores treating pain, sore throat, tooth ache with; and release and chemotherapy with the application of a protective role of blood, the same valley Anhui fluorouracil synergism. Oral administration of 0. 015 ~ 0.03g, who pill, powder; external use, Yan Mo deposited or transferred into the patch to the affected area. This product is toxic, can cause digestive system, nervous system response and arrhythmia, it is a serious stomach ulcer, cardiovascular diseases and pregnant women hanged; topical not into the head; avoid overdose.
Cancer drug – fight like drugs, [Clinical application]
1. Governance NPC headache looking crisp 5g, not grazing geese 20g, Kang Hong 0.3g, Angelica l5g, borneol 5g. First non-grazing geese, since Chih research to fine, then add musk, looking crisp, borneol mix aside. Take a little time with the flick of the nose Yaomo mouth, and gently inhale the nasal cavity, a little playing time that spray eyelashes, nasal orifices so smooth, refreshing the mind, headache followed lifted.
2. Bringing the crisp dry treatment of esophageal cancer 30g, Tian Panax 30g, Tri-30g, Wulingzhi 30g. Micro-fire on the dry storage of medicinal, into powder. Each 1.5 ~ 3g, 3 times a day to reconcile with the vinegar, the warm boiled water.
3. Governance cancer looking crisp, realgar the 20g, mortar and the powder l5g, research to fine rope added belladonna extract, glycerol 75g, tune into a paste, dip into the lubricant is coated torpedo-shaped suppository mold, condensation removed after the wax paper wrapped spare. Patient supine, gently squeezed to take a suppository Wang of about 10cm, sit for 30 minutes, 2 times daily, 30 for a course of treatment.
4. Bringing the crisp skin cancer treatment 10g, small study, into 30mL saline, soaked 10-48 hours later, looking crisp into a paste, then add the sulfur topical ointment plastic mix, made with 10% or 20% ointment use. Around the tumor after disinfection with 75% ethanol, the cream evenly to the tumor.
5. Governance liver pain looking cakes 10g, borneol 10g, musk 3g. 60% of the drug will dissolve 50mL of ethanol, the bottle aside. External Na with a liquid when the local, daily 2-4 times.
[Compatibility of experience]
This product is equipped with stone see through, barbata, liver cancer treatment; with annoying sand, borax, dry Rocky, cure esophageal cancer; with realgar, dry Rockies, cinnabar, cure skin cancer; with the bezoar, realgar, borneol, governance advanced cancer pain.
Pharmacological effects
Cancer drug – fight like drugs, anti-tumor effects looking clam sarcoma skin extract on mice and rabbits threat B, P have inhibited tumor; prolong the survival of tumor mice. Bringing more than alcohol and water, insects on human gastric cancer cell extracts inhibited the human liver cancer and leukemia cell respiration; this product with other anticancer drugs cyclophosphamide combination of cool gel that can enhance the effect.

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