Brain-specific drug – An Kangxin capsules

By | April 27, 2012

Brain-specific drug – An Kangxin capsule, a variety of intracranial brain tumors collectively, the incidence rate of rise. Intracranial tumors account for about 2% of body tumors, accounting for 70% of childhood cancer, and other malignancies will eventually be 20% -30% into the brain, due to its expansion of invasive growth, once occupied a space in the brain , regardless of their nature is benign or malignant, are bound to make the intracranial pressure, brain pressure produced central nervous system damage, life-threatening. Most common brain tumor patients may choose surgery, but surgery itself is a trauma, surgery dangerous, many are sequels, most of the tumor is not clean cut, due to residual tumor or tumor cells after tumor re-growth experience, recurrence. The average survival after malignant brain tumor less than one year. Most brain tumor cells to radiotherapy and chemotherapy are not sensitive to a small number of sensitivity in the treatment and also damage normal cells, resulting in "Kill a thousand, since the loss of eight hundred," the lose-lose outcome.
Treatment of choice for brain tumors – An Kangxin capsules
An Kangxin capsules (the original imported product name: Ankang capsules) is a mountain Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Anhui latest high efficiency, broad-spectrum anti-cancer drug compound, the drug by the Hong Kong Medical International Limited Pichon research and development, and after many years of clinical validation In Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and other Asian countries and China won the trust of cancer patients. "Health Capsule" on January 28, 1995 Ministry of Health to obtain import approval (Registration No Z950002, 98 on May 26 the Ministry of Health re-import approval, registration No Z980022), enter the Chinese market seven years ago, "Health capsule" in the major provinces and municipalities for a large number of clinical applications and effective, response was good. August 2002, the Hong Kong Medical International Limited, commissioned by Bi Sheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Anhui mountain in the domestic production of the product, approved by the State Pharmaceutical Administration, officially named An Kangxin capsules sold in mainland China. Anhui Mountain Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in strict accordance with the production of An Kangxin capsule Medical International Limited of Hong Kong Pichon original "Health capsule" of the manufacturing process standards of production, through the National GMP certification, the use of domestic resources and traditional Chinese medicine superior processing conditions, to quality more superior, more reliable quality.
Unique mechanism of anticancer
Through a large number of clinical cases, we found that the tumor is always the three patients with the human body (imaginary evil is real, qi stagnation, toxic heat within the knot) is related to An Kangxin capsules specifically for these three carcinogens, confrontation, disruption of cancer and the formation of tumor pathology, to play its prominent cancer patients.
Four effect, a strong attack
Ankang capsule 's main anti-cancer effects can be summarized as: "righting, Quxie, efficiency or white", and has a certain role in blood circulation (such as analgesic, anti-anoxia effect).
1, righting (ability to enhance the body's immune)
(1) An Kangxin capsule can promote antibody (Ab) production and lymphocyte proliferation, and enhance humoral and cellular immunity.
(2) An Kangxin capsules can increase non-specific immune function, such as the promotion of WBC and macrophage phagocytosis.
(3) An Kangxin capsule can significantly increase the liquidity of the biofilm, reducing LPO accumulation, also can enhance the activity of SOD, with the role of oxygen free radicals, which can effectively anti-aging, anti-injury.
2, Quxie (broad-spectrum anti-tumor effective on many types of cancer)
An Kangxin capsule on Ai solid tumors (EC), Lewis lung cancer, melanoma B16 significant inhibitory effect, inhibition rate of up to 60% or more in vitro tests on human cancer cells (KB) also inhibit growth. Of liver cell (H22) life extension rate can reach 60%; on mouse leukemia (L1210) up 33.8% or more.
3, efficiency
An Kangxin capsule and Wu used chemotherapy drugs, chemotherapy can make a significant effect on efficiency (P <0.01), it can use a corresponding reduction in the amount of chemotherapy drugs.
Brain-specific drug – An Kangxin capsule, 4 or white (anti-radiation, helps put / the smooth progress of chemotherapy)
An Kangxin capsule caused by the chemotherapy drugs have a protective effect of WBC reduction, especially for X-WBC caused a significant reduction of the protective effect of certain anti-radiation effect.

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