Brain tumor treatment – compound cantharidin Capsules

By | April 27, 2012

Brain tumor treatment – compound cantharidin capsule, compound cantharidin capsules can raise immunity of patients, the activation of tumor suppressor genes, can kill cancer cells, has a dual role, the following features:
1, reduce the symptoms caused by cancer, enhance immune function also inhibit vascular lesion formation, it can not survive lack of nutrition, and ultimately died of natural causes.
2, Huaxi compound cantharidin capsules S-CSF can rapidly reach lesions, inhibit the synthesis of DNA and RNA, active kill cancer cells.
3, the activation of effector cells and cytokines in the body, activate the tumor suppressor gene, and enhance the ability of the body killing cancer, inhibiting tumor cell growth and proliferation, and protection of normal cells.
4, to reduce the deterioration of tumor metastasis, cell differentiation and maturation to promote its so reversed to normal cells.
5, radiotherapy and chemotherapy has synergistic and complementary role, so that the tumor cells to repair injuries to increasing the effectiveness of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
Composition and function
Recipe: cantharidin, Acanthopanax, barbata, Astragalus, Ligustrum lucidum, dogwood, ginseng, triangular, Ezhu, bear bile powder, licorice.
Cantharidin: anti-cancer drug, inhibition of DNA and RNA synthesis, the liver and cancer cells have a stronger affinity for the liver and other cancers of the primary effective, and no bone marrow suppression, but also with elevated white blood cell the number of anti-virus, anti-inflammatory effect.
Ginseng: Dabu strength, thirst, spleen Yifei, prompting DNA, protein and lipid synthesis, the globulin content increased, increase immune function in patients with cancer, inhibit cancer cell growth.
Astragalus: qi Mizar, solid form antiperspirant, spleen tissue regeneration benefits of water swelling of the role, mainly for gastrointestinal cancer, gynecological and other tumors.
Acanthopanax: rheumatism, strong bones and enhance the body resistance to diseases, radiation induced damage to the protective effect and antioxidant effect, can prevent tumor metastasis.
Curcuma: a Poxue stasis, qi and analgesic efficacy of the cancer cells was inhibited.
Dogwood: anti-cancer pain relief, detoxification, blood circulation reduces swelling, diuretic. Antibacterial effect. Rectal cancer, colon cancer, which are anti-cancer effect.
Ligustrum lucidum: a Poxue stasis, Qi analgesic effect, widely used for liver, stomach, esophagus.
Bear bile powder: nourishing liver and kidney function, Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhi can inhibit lymphocyte transformation to promote healthy effect on leukopenia due to chemotherapy-induced effects are increased.
Licorice: a spleen Qi, lungs cough, detoxification and in the harmonic effect of a hundred drugs that have anti-cancer effects, such as commonly used in myeloma to prevent liver cancer by chemical carcinogen induced liver damage and liver cancer occurred.
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