Antineoplastic agents – cancer Ning Berson

By | April 23, 2012

Antineoplastic agents – cancer Ning Berson, Berson cancer rather creative use of modern extraction technology, which uses combinatorial chemistry approach to natural drugs kill the cancer cells have a strong, offensive molecular re-combination of attacks and kill cancer cells without damage the body's normal cells. The malignant cells to normal cells reversed, and the metastasis of tumor cells surrounded targeted to the general attack on the tumor at the same time, promote the excretion into the body organs, one by one to the body of waste, "toxic" and the death of cancer cells excreted an orderly manner, to innovation, renewal and purpose, and this is Berson cancer rather "attack tumor detoxification" aggressive drug therapy, the magnetic mechanism.
1. Strong anti-tumor activity of natural drugs selected from the cancer cell killing or inhibition of strong anti-cancer active substance directly on the lesions on the transdermal drug delivery, targeted, oriented to the tumor cells siege, attack to kill.
2. Enhance the immune function of intensity
reversed: the pharmacological clinical trials show that cancers of Ning Bo kill cancer cells and inhibit the same time, may promote cancer in the oncogene gene Ng industry downturn and the state of the cells transform into normal cells.
improve the body's immune function: cancer Ning Berson the body can effectively improve the T cell and macrophage phagocytosis, increased self-cells and improve bone marrow suppression, reduce side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
3. To improve the quality of life rather stronger Berson cancer through controlled release technology to make anti-cancer active substance in the human body to maintain its reasonable plasma concentration of drug in the treatment of continuous play, effective in improving the clinical symptoms of patients with advanced cancer, patients with cancer pain to disappear, to eliminate stagnant water, abundant strength, the spirit of a happy, sweet appetite.
Fourth, the group Berson cancer ning characteristics and side effects
1. Berson cancer Prescription Ning Ning magnetic characteristics Berson cancer prescription drug designed to stick out. Wang Kentang "Treatment of the criterion" in the name of party rule based on the tumor, which featured rich in aromatic volatile parked, the line loose, pain, of the marks of the goods and manufacturing Chuan Wu, Kusnezoffii, looking crisp and other analgesic swelling, Endometriosis of the material, combined with natural transdermal absorbent. Used in the preparation of combinatorial chemistry methods, the other stages in the extraction and separation of the drugs, effective ingredients or single, plus a new generation of magnetic materials iron gratings, the use of transdermal delivery system releasing anti-cancer substances constant through the skin, subcutaneous capillaries, shu three ways to make pharmaceutical ingredients directly to lesions and blood, a kill cancer cells, softening reduce tumor to prevent tumor metastasis. Extraction of the high-tech and unique traditional Chinese medicine treatment of cancer administered as a new chapter.
Anticancer drugs – Berson cancer Ning, 2. Berson cancer effect Ning (the three consumer)
(1) elimination of cancer pain: Berson cancer Ning has a strong analgesic effect, the use of drugs within 10-60min, which has obvious analgesic effect, pain reduction in the number of continuous use, or will gradually disappear.
Pain produce three reasons:
One tumor of peripheral nerve pain caused by direct compression;
Second, stretch the envelope of the tumor on the organ due to pain;
Third, secondary intestinal obstruction caused by the pain.
Ning Bo cancers of the effective softening, shrinking tumors and reducing pressure on the surrounding nerves; reduce the liver, pancreas, gallbladder and other organs stretch the envelope; to promote gastrointestinal motility, increasing the excretion of urine, to resolve the gut obstruction, so that to ease the pain at the root or disappear, but also one by one the tumor excrement "poison" to be discharged in time to avoid the liver, kidney and the formation of multiple absorption of toxins "poisoned", so that patients feel comfortable, sweet appetite , abundant righteousness.
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