Anti-tumor mechanism of action of Traditional Chinese Medicine

By | April 22, 2012

Anti-tumor mechanism of action of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine anti-cancer mechanism of the medical profession has been the subject of attention. More than the past, this perspective from the elimination of the tumor to find treatment programs. In recent years, the research emphasis on the treatment of cancer medicine, Western medicine in cancer treatment in their own characteristics, has played a Chinese director, the cancer has been significantly improved efficacy. Meanwhile, traditional Chinese medicine and cancer-related research further in depth.
According to modern pharmacology, anti-tumor effect of Chinese medicine is divided into two categories:
Anti-tumor mechanism of action of Chinese medicine, one is cytotoxic cancer drug classes that have a direct killing effect on cancer cells, the main active ingredient containing natural anti-cancer, can directly inhibit tumor cell growth, these drugs such as: horse business sub- A sub-prime and the horse business, I have my surgery and surgery alcohol, elemene, and the spot honey pretty prime spot, Hara and Hara factors, indigo, and to indirubin, and Garcinia cambogia acid, matrine , Zhan Su, javanica oil, vinegar, Cephalotaxus, camptothecin and so on.
The second is the role of immune enhancement, biological response modifiers like effect of cancer drugs , blood and viscera through adjusting the imbalance of yin and yang, the pathological state of the body to improve the body, increase the body's own resistance to disease, such as Acanthopanax, fungus , mushroom, Polyporus, was Ling, PSK, sight, ginseng, Epimedium, Hui Ren and other political fall into this category. Some drugs are more sugars in the immune enhancers, carrying specific information, easily subjected to tumor cells the role of the body recognized by normal cells, thus enhancing the body of tumor-specific immune function, impaired immune function to return to normal level. Like Huang Ying, ginseng, Epimedium and other drugs and their compound is composed of similar biological response modifier (BRMs) like effect, as is also known to adapt to the role, by acting on the body relative to the control material, the equivalent of Chinese medicine said The yin and yang, as for the functional status of patients with a balanced adjustment to achieve the anti-tumor purposes.
Anti-tumor mechanism of action of Chinese medicine, the use of Chinese medicine should focus on macro-, micro-set of Chinese herbal medicine to be. Similarly, the use of Chinese medicine for anti-cancer therapy still need to follow the overall concept of Chinese medicine, diagnosis and treatment, but the anti-tumor medicine in the study when the law required the help of modern technology from the micro to elaborate. Currently, on the research of Chinese medicine have anti-tumor cells from the original level of development to the genetic level and molecular level. Chinese medicinal herbs containing alkaloids, Hui brewing class, yellow pay category, hope category, the vinegar, polysaccharides, Xi class, business class, Xilei and other natural compounds were found has some anticancer activity, but their mechanism of action is different, and some role in the cell membrane, and some other in the nucleus.

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