Anti-cancer drug – tablets cinobufotalin

By | April 23, 2012

Anti-cancer drug – tablets cinobufotalin
The main components of dry looking skin extract.
Specification injection dosage form: Each 5 rnL; tablet: Box of 20 pieces, each piece 0.3g.
Pharmacological effects
anti-tumor effect. Zhan Hua Su crude drug 3g/kg transplanted tumors in mice sarcoma S180 cells, H22 hepatoma cells has obvious inhibitory effect on L1210 leukemia in mice tend to significantly prolong life. Zhan Hua Su crude drug 7.5g/kg rat W256 cells in vitro inhibitory rate was 68.7% 0 Bringing the elements of drug testing show that the Chinese crude drug 2 mg / rnL of three kinds of digestive system tumor lines (human hepatoma SMMC7721, human gastric cancer MKN45, human colon cancer LOVO) are killing effect, the mechanism for the direct killing of tumor cells DNA, leading to tumor cell necrosis. Observed from the molecular level is known as the H22 China Juniper carcinoma tumor-bearing mice increased plasma cAMP levels, and to cAMP / cGMP ratio return to normal function.
Immunity of. Zhan Hua Su on the cyclic plastic leukopenia due to a preventive effect, can increase lymphocyte ratio, also can increase in serum IgG, 19A, IgM levels; experimental data also show that the Chinese looking with enhanced humoral immune factors and cellular immune function. antiviral activity. Tests show that forward-looking element of the 2215 Chinese Cell and duck hepatitis B virus were significantly inhibited its replication. Bringing the clinical data also show that the Chinese factor in chronic HBsAg carriers a significant effect.
Indication detoxification, swelling, pain. Used in advanced tumors, chronic hepatitis B and other symptoms.
Oral: 3-4 tablets, 3-4 times daily.
intramuscular injection: each 2.5 – 5.0 rnL, 2 times a day.
intravenous infusion: every 10 – 20 rnL, day 1.
Anti-cancer drugs – Cinobufotalin tablets, a small number of patients with adverse reactions such as excessive or 2 times with interval of less than 6-8 hours of treatment, about 30 minutes after administration, there may be chills, fever pattern is now 10 minutes after return to normal; also a few patients after long-term intravenous infusion of local irritation or phlebitis; there is respect for individual patients after treatment Ma cough, dermatitis, loss of response after stopping, can continue medication.
Note early oral cancer patients occasionally abdominal pain, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal irritation. Other serious conditions such as the element, without stopping, continued use, the symptoms will ease or disappear.

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