Anticancer drugs – Aidi injection

By | April 23, 2012

Anticancer drugs – Aidi injection
The main components cantharidin, ginseng, sight, Acanthopanax.
Specification injection dosage form: 5 per box, each 10mL.
Pharmacological effects of Aidi injection on 5180 cells, H22 cells, EAC solid tumor significantly inhibited; can enhance the body's non-specific and specific immune function, improve the body's stress capacity; and fluoride anti-cancer drugs Urine slightly Anhui, cyclophosphamide and cool plastic combined treatment with radiotherapy synchronous synergies, to make white blood cells and platelets remain in the normal range; tumor suppression in vitro experiments showed that the drug has a direct killing of cancer cells and inhibition.
Indication Qingrejiedu consumption to Sanjie. For primary liver cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, malignant lymphoma, gynecological malignancy.
Intravenous Dosage}: for each adult 50-100mL, adding injected with normal saline or 5% -100% glucose injection 400-450mL of infusion, day 1; with radiotherapy and chemotherapy in combination, treatment with radiotherapy and chemotherapy simultaneously; before and after surgery, interventional therapy using the drug 10 as a course of treatment; alone 15, is a cycle interval of 3 days, 2 cycles as a course of treatment; advanced cachexia patients, once a 30 for the a course of treatment, or, as the condition may be.
The first application of adverse drug reactions, patients sometimes face red, leather Ma Yan, fever and other reactions, very few patients have heart palpitations, chest tightness, nausea and so on.
Anticancer drugs – Aidi injection Note
the first time, physicians should be under the guidance of medication, dose rate started at 15 drops / minute, 30 minutes after the adverse reaction, such as dollars, delivery speed can be controlled at 50 drops / min. Drug should be discontinued if any adverse reactions and be treated accordingly.
another application, the amount of Aidi injection starting from 20-30mL by adding injected with normal saline or 5% -10% glucose solution 400-450mL, while addition of dexamethasone injection in 5-10rnga trace amounts due to the drug honey prime spot, intravenous administration has some irritation when, before and after intravenous infusion in the 5mL lidocaine injection by adding 100mL of saline intravenously.

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