Spontaneous regression of tumors

By | April 23, 2012

Spontaneous regression of tumors, spontaneous regression of malignant tumors, although a considerable number of clinical reports have been that spontaneous regression does not rule out the possibility. But the evolution from the tumor and the fine structure of cells to analyze its true function remains to be unknown. Really even able to reverse cancer, there is still controversy. The main point of contention is as follows:
Cancer can be reversed advocates argue that everything in nature under certain conditions, can all be transformed into each other, and this transformation exists between the channels, both the direction and the normal to the abnormal area can be transformed, and some who are not irreversible equal the future can not be reversed, to clarify if the people and to create reversible conditions, cancer cells can be reversed. Based on the current situation observed in people speculated that the reversal mechanism of tumor cells may have the following:
1. Clinically, carcinoma in situ seen some of the earlier reversal of what happened, some of which may be due to DNA under certain conditions self-repair; other body may be the rejection of defense; other may have been very foci is just a small biopsy or complete removal of all other treatments or killed.
2. Another part of the foci of the reversal may be due to changes in physiological functions of the body, enhance the defense capability of the division of reproductive cells was inhibited, so that it can not continue to split the breed, so the natural healing.
Spontaneous regression of tumors 3. There are some embryonal malignancies such as neuroblastoma, immature teratoma, etc., then it may be due to immature cells in embryos of the physiological functions of the body with the sound, tend to differentiate into mature the process of malignant cells to become abnormal benign.
4. On some of the spontaneous regression of advanced cancers, especially malignant melanoma, renal cell carcinoma, also frequently reported in the literature of natural remission. Because each patient is different, each of which has many complex factors, such as the body's own immune rejection, and so changes in hormone may directly or indirectly inhibit tumor cell division and reproduction. It was also speculated that the tumor cells themselves may be the occurrence of "fatal variance" and other factors.
And those who advocate the view that tumor cells is irreversible, once the cells had the karyotype significant structural change, that is, or appears abnormal chromosome aneuploidy, to make the first step along the way made the original speech back to normal again This seems to be impossible. In their view, even though many things change in nature is complex, varied, and indeed the evolution of many things under certain conditions can be transformed into each other. But undeniably, there are some things that will always follow the development of one-way track, and made the following reasons as the basis for irreversible: any living creature have to be aging, although there are long or short life, but it is always able to eternal life, the real " youth "after all, just an expectation, always hard to become a reality; always natural biological evolution from simple to complex, from lower to higher, and only from apes to humans, but not reversed; decay of radioactive elements is always lost -particles, to restore its radioactivity, back to the anchor or drilling might never be difficult to achieve; time can never move forward along the course of history must not be subjective according to the will of the people to stop, will not be able to reverse back.
Spontaneous regression of tumors, the two different theories of the controversy, it seems that each has its grain of truth, perhaps only two kinds of disputes each from a different side to explore the results of efforts to strengthen its mechanisms should be studied more fully to find more basis, so that the two to complement each other, the purpose of continuous improvement. We value the spontaneous regression of malignant tumors, does not deny its complexity and poor prognosis of irreversible side, but to efforts to strengthen research in this area, create more conditions and opportunities, and strive to make more reversal of cancer patients, there a good prognosis.

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