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Chinese medicine treatment of liver cancer

Chinese medicine treatment of liver cancerChinese medicine treatment of liver cancer in China features. Most of the clinical findings of liver cancer is unresectable liver cancer, liver cancer in these particular patients with advanced, treatment can be given only traditional Chinese medicine and biological treatment. The role of Chinese medicine treatment: surgery should not be… Read More »

Cancer prevention and treatment of complications

Complications of a tumor. Infected patients during chemotherapy because the bone marrow and immune suppression, infection is more common complications. Found signs of infection, should immediately be blood, urine, sputum and body fluids checked and for bacterial culture and rapid application of broad-spectrum antibiotics, culture results are subject to change according to use. Should pay… Read More »

Chemotherapy patients often what should be the best of care

Chemotherapy patient care 1. Local Stimulation of antitumor drugs are generally stronger in normal tissue cells in vitro. Drugs, such as nitrogen mustard extravasation, can cause local skin and tissue necrosis. Be properly applied in case of leakage against drugs, such as nitrogen mustard extravasation with sodium thiosulfate, vincristine class with local care with sodium… Read More »

Daily radiotherapy patients what should be the best of care

1. Pain Care For a little pain, can be used to talk, entertainment and so on, to transfer its focus on power, and focus on helping patients to maintain a correct posture, reduce pain symptoms. Radiotherapy care, for mild, moderate and severe pain should be prescribed based on three steps (non-hormonal anti-inflammatory analgesics codeine and… Read More »