What are the common symptoms of kidney cancer

By | November 17, 2011

Early renal cell carcinoma without typical clinical symptoms, often in the physical examination or by the B-abdominal CT examination revealed.Common symptoms of kidney cancer in patients with late Yuan pain hematuria, flank pain and abdominal mass is a typical clinical renal cell carcinoma "triad", which were more common symptoms of hematuria was spontaneous. The probability of three simultaneous only 10%, and has mostly advanced.
Common symptoms of a kidney. Triad of renal cell carcinoma
(1) Hematuria: Hematuria is the most common chief complaints, for gross hematuria or microscopic hematuria, in most cases of hematuria due to tumor invasion of renal pelvis, calyceal cause, often intermittent attack, is not accompanied by pain, hematuria gross hematuria in particular, the more advanced stage. About 50% of patients in the disease process appears naked rainbow urine.
(2) low back pain: back pain after the kidney capsule of tumor growth or increase the tension caused by violations of the surrounding tissue, manifested as persistent dull pain. When the tumor invasion when the nerve or the lumbar spine can cause serious pain. Hematuria can be caused by blood clot stimulation of ureteral renal colic.
(3) the waist or upper abdominal mass: the waist or upper abdominal mass is not common, only about 10% of patients can be touched. Bell block hard, nodular surface.
Common symptoms of kidney cancer 2. Renal manifestations
(1) anemia: 20% -40% in patients with renal anemia, in addition to significant hematuria in some patients, resulting in visibility of blood loss, the remaining patients with tumor more toxins, erythropoietin and other factors reduce the inhibition of hematopoiesis.
(2) abnormal liver function: the case in the absence of transfer, known as Sri Lanka, such as abnormal liver function fu (Stauffer) sign, seen in about 15% of patients. If the tumor resection, liver function returned to normal, suggesting a good prognosis, otherwise, there may be residual lesions or distant metastasis, after the top bad.
(3) heat: about 30% of kidney cancer patients have varying degrees of fever, sometimes up to 39 C or more, which may be cancer related to the release of pyrogen.
(4) fatigue, weight loss, cachexia: occurrence rate of about 33%, as a symptom of kidney cancer is more hidden, the higher the degree of malignancy, more rapid tumor progression in patients already at diagnosis significantly thinner such as renal cachexia performance.
(5) varicocele: found in the left side, supine does not disappear, because the tumor jade forced spermatic vein or renal vein tumor thrombosis due to heavy fine.

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