Recurrent treatment of brain metastases

By | November 17, 2011

Recurrence of brain metastases is often a sign of disease progression and treatment difficult, the general prognosis is poor. Nevertheless, many scholars still advocate aggressive treatment, and that any means of starting the treatment used, this can be reused, but the specific circumstances of the patients need to make appropriate, rational choice and adjustment.
Treatment of recurrent brain metastases often choose general radiotherapy may sometimes be only a means, because most patients have received radiotherapy, the dose should be reduced, usually 15Gy-25Gy, but this dose is still effective controversial.
Treatment of recurrent brain metastases had been controlled on the system of individual tumors with recurrent brain metastases can still choose surgery, Sundaresan reported treatment experience of 21 cases and found that about 2 / 3 of symptoms were improved, the average survival after surgery again was 9 months.
Stereotactic radiosurgery is commonly used in recurrent treatment of brain metastases, the majority of lesions can be controlled.Treatment of recurrent brain metastases, poor prognosis of brain metastases. Data shows that the average survival period of dead 4 weeks, most patients died from intracranial hypertension caused by brain stores and brainstem compression. Affect survival of patients with brain metastases many factors are: systemic conditions; whether other parts of extracranial metastasis; brain metastases incubation period, incubation period and more elderly people have a certain disease and good prognosis; lesions total resection were compared with partial resection or biopsy good; combination therapy better than a simple a treatment; treatment at the primary tumor; the pathological nature of the non-survival of brain metastases compared with lung cancer with brain metastasis of the long, lung cancer undifferentiated adenocarcinoma than squamous cell carcinoma and poor.

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