Treatment of ovarian cancer pain

By | October 22, 2011

Ovarian Cancer Pain Treatment 1. The incidence of ovarian cancer accounts for about 2.4% of female common malignancy 5.6% 0 but poor prognosis of ovarian cancer, mortality accounts for the first gynecological malignancies.
Pain treatment of ovarian cancer 2. Ovarian cancer surgical staging of clinical stage to the main, based on International Women Q Branch Union (FICO) standard-setting. I of the disease limited to the ovary; ll call on the side or bilateral lesions involving the ovaries, with pelvic extension; dish of lesions involving one or both ovaries, with pelvic or retroperitoneal lymph nodes outside the plant or inguinal lymph node metastasis, liver metastasis of superficial ; IV of distant metastasis, pleural effusion need to find the presence of malignant cells, liver metastases involving the liver parenchyma was.
Ovarian cancer pain treatment 3. clinical element of any early symptoms in most patients. L 70% of newly diagnosed patients as in patients with advanced when, for the short term performance of the abdominal distension, abdominal mass and hazy water, and tumor invasion suppression of abdominal pain occurred.
Pain treatment of ovarian cancer 4. Pain characteristics: tumor to surrounding tissues, such as infiltration or nerve, can cause abdominal pain, low back pain or leg pain; if compression pelvic veins, swelling may occur under the shares and so on.
Pain treatment of ovarian cancer 5. Cancer metastasis lymph nodes erosion or femoral nerve compression, or back side of the thigh caused by compression of the sciatic nerve pain, there are very few cases of severe pain caused by bone metastases, para-aortic lymph node extension of common spread to nearby nerves and causing violations. When the tumor suppression regret lymphatic or blood vessels may be caused by Ru reflux disorder, pain.
(II violations of the obturator nerve, Russia plexus, large blood vessels or the pelvic wall can cause severe pain before radiotherapy to the lower limbs, expressed as sciatica. Cancer can lead oppressed go hydroureter ureter, renal pelvis hydrocephalus, lumbar region expansion pain, discomfort, such as the rising occurrence of the ureter can be severe pain twins recover from illness, lung metastases, there may be chest pain, cough, hemoptysis, bone metastases can cause pain syndrome relative to worry.

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