Drug treatment of ovarian cancer note

By | October 22, 2011

Ovarian cancer therapy Note 1. Multi-drug treatment of cancer pain drug should pay attention to synergies and interaction, understanding the compatibility of drugs and side effects and contraindications.
Considerations of drug therapy of ovarian cancer 2. Epidural nerve block therapy of patients to understand whether there are clotting mechanism, central nervous system lesions, local infections.
Ovarian cancer therapy Note 3. elderly with severe organ damage of cancer pain, can affect drug metabolism and excretion, prolonged half-life, plasma clearance rate decreased, increased side effects, easy to produce drug accumulation effect, amount to use.
4. In the treatment of patients resistant to drugs and every day when you can increase the frequency of use.
5. Each has certain side effects of analgesics, side effects obvious for those who switch back to another drug treatment.
Considerations of drug therapy of ovarian cancer 6. For the strong dependence of drugs, other drugs can not vote applications, to the joint drug, or other various methods to treat pain.

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