Effective programs for cancer pain relief

By | October 22, 2011

Effective programs of cancer pain relief: WHO three step program of drug treatment of cancer pain, emphasizing the small number of relatively inexpensive drugs, including morphine, the main pillar of the treatment of cancer pain. The integrated test has also proved an effective approach for most cancer patients. Effective programs for cancer pain relief, as long as compliance with the program guidelines, the choice of the right drug, right dose, the correct administration intervals and the right way, can make the most effective in patients with cancer pain relief.
For the three-step program can not effectively alleviate the pain of a small number of patients with severe cancer pain, treatment should be considered and comprehensive treatment of the fourth step, mainly by outside interventions, including drug resistance, such as nerve? With the application, the application of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture, physical and psychological therapy. WHO is encouraging governments to establish a statutory cancer control program. Development of these effective programs for cancer pain relief should not be out of three purposes, namely primary prevention; early diagnosis and effective treatment; pain relief and palliative care

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