Apoptosis of tumor cells

By | October 22, 2011

Apoptosis of tumor cells is considered to be an active, cell mediated by the destruction process itself, different from necrosis. Known, the tumor cells is due to programmed cell growth and differentiation is blocked, and a die of the cells.Tumor cell apoptosis in recent years found that a variety of anticancer drugs can cause a common mode of apoptosis in tumor cell death. Therefore, if the study of tumor cell apoptosis in-depth study, to ascertain that the signals initiate apoptosis, it is possible to design or screened to specific tumor cell apoptosis induced efficient antitumor drugs.
Apoptosis of tumor cells, some exist only in the virus or bacteria enzymes in the body can poison or low toxicity to human element of nuclear celecoxib analogues as cytotoxic metabolites, which inhibit the synthesis of DNA, leading to rapid apoptosis of cells. The nuclear past analogues as drug precursors, often referred to as prodrugs; the toxic products of metabolism of the prodrug prodrug-converting enzyme gene is called suicide gene. If the leaders of such genes selectively tumor cells to specific expression in tumor cells. Before using drugs for treatment, these genes encode enzymes before they can make into a cytotoxic drug. Re-use "near those effects" can be a lot of killing tumor cells, to the purpose of attenuated chemotherapy efficiency. Visible, this method optimizes the use of cell apoptosis theory chemotherapy, cancer chemotherapy is now a major improvement, is now in clinical studies.

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