Likely to cause stomach cancer foods

By | October 23, 2011

In the past 30 years of study, the research on gastric cancer achieved many results. Many studies have indicated that some dietary factors on gastric cancer occurrence of a significant role in promoting. Japanese study found a high incidence of gastric cancer in Japan the reason why, with the Japanese people generally eat the rice on treated talc. Because the talc contains large amounts of asbestos fibers, asbestos fibers in the crystalline silicate continued with a strong carcinogenic effect. Many studies have confirmed that our country, smoked, salt, food and other brain and mildew are risk factors for gastric cancer.Foods likely to cause stomach cancer what?
Foods likely to cause stomach cancer (1) smoked foods: These foods are more common in China, many people love to eat, especially in the Fujian area, most people like to eat smoked and smoked fish, bacon and smoked sausages. Smoked foods containing more than 3,4 … benzo dizzy, this substance has caused respiratory tract cancer, gastric cancer and the role of smoked longer content to spend 3 River benzo higher, the stronger carcinogen. According to the survey study confirmed that gastric cancer incidence and mortality in Switzerland with the Swiss population decline in the reduced consumption of smoked foods.
Foods likely to cause gastric cancer (2) salt bowel food: According to statistics of China confirmed that residents of coastal areas and more like salt Layu (meat) and salt pickles and other cover, so the incidence of gastric fat foods more salt than the mainland residents in areas with little incidence of gastric cancer. Such as Yantai, Shandong, Zhejiang and Fujian Changle Daishan county residents are like salt and other brain food, the gastric cancer incidence and mortality are high. Many animal studies also confirmed that a high salt content of food has caused the role of gastric cancer. Fat foods because the system usually used coarse salt, coarse salt containing nitrate, nitrate system in the brain in the process of food and food by bacterial action of nitrite in the nitrite can be transformed into plastic substances, nitrite rubber is a Class of strong carcinogens. In recent years, some of our cities method widely used in food refrigeration, significantly reducing the amount of salt and fat foods, the incidence of gastric cancer has been a marked downward trend.
Foods likely to cause gastric cancer (3) of moldy food: warm and humid all year round in many areas of China, food easy to mold, the more common mold rice, moldy peanuts, corn and mildew. Moldy food in great danger. Research found that eating moldy food than people who eat a high incidence of gastric cancer is much more; because such food in fungi (molds) will not only produce aflatoxin (a strong carcinogen), but also can promote nitrite rubber substances – the synthesis of the two substances have a strong carcinogenic effect, it has a dual carcinogenic moldy food. We must guard against the dangers of house! On the one hand to strengthen the food storage to prevent food mold, the other hand, do not eat moldy food firm.
Foods likely to cause stomach cancer (4) other food: It has found that fried foods and foods that contain a small amount of charred carcinogens. That have not been identified food additives, coloring agents and preservatives, also try not to eat. In addition, some pesticide residues in food not to eat more in order to avoid the intake of carcinogens.

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