Transfer of malignant blood

By | November 3, 2011

Malignant blood transfer is one of the main ways. Is already shedding of cancer cells into the bloodstream to reach the body with the blood flow in many organs. If a large vein into the body, the first stop is the lung, such as growth and reproduction of cancer cells stay lung metastasis occurs, it gave the patients do in clinical X-ray examination, or CT, to determine whether lung transfer. Sooner or later in order to determine the stage of disease, develop more appropriate treatment. If the cancer cells into the portal vein leading to liver metastasis occurs. But most are due to infiltration by cancer cells due to the small veins.
Before that transfer took place in the tumor stroma containing thin-walled vascular sinus cancer, mainly referring to sarcoma, carcinoma less likely to metastasis. But clinical practice shows that such knowledge has significant limitations, in fact liver , kidney, thyroid follicular cancer, choriocarcinoma, malignant melanoma, neuroblastoma, etc., the same will happen hematogenous metastasis, even in the past that the transfer did not occur in the late malignant blood also occur metastasis.
Blood for clinical cancer metastasis, drugs commonly used to control the transfer are:
1. javanica oil emulsion oral
Home use of modern high technology, success will javanica oil made from intravenous and oral administration of the emulsion, is a new pure traditional Chinese medicine with targeted anti-cancer agents, mainly for the treatment of brain metastases from lung cancer and lung cancer, digestive tract tumors. As effective, less side effects have also been clinically widely used.
2. day chicho Capsules
With stasis, swelling detoxification, the role of nourishing Qi. With stasis, swelling detoxification, the role of nourishing Qi. Used to control cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer and the spread of head and neck cancer and metastasis, effectively prevent the blood cells, lymph node metastasis, and metastatic disease has played a controlled, eliminating effect.
3. ZXC
Antimetastatic effect of: "ZXC" on mouse S180, Lewis lung cancer metastasis and blood, lymph node metastasis of P388 leukemia. The results showed that "ZXC" obvious anti-tumor metastasis, and with the dose increased, the increase in anti-metastasis effect.
4. Zilongjin film
Zilongjin mechanism of film: The Messenger of tumor cells, gene and cell cycle regulation and more biological targets, the cell cycle control in cancer cells into normal cells, the effective control of tumor cell proliferation and carcinogenesis, and protect normal cells from damage. That is, the entire cell cycle, the drug that blocked the synthesis of DNA, causing apoptosis of cancer cells, which directly kill cancer cells, prevent cancer cell proliferation; drugs through the regulation of cell dynamics and control of cancer metastasis and recurrence; conduction through the cell signaling pathway positive and negative control, the mutant cells into normal cells. At the same time, regulate immune function and activation of NK cells, T lymphocytes of common phagocytic cells.

5. Tsz Capsule
With a circulation detoxification, and reducing swelling, nourishing Qi. For primary liver cancer, lung cancer, gastrointestinal cancer or surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy in the adjuvant treatment of patients

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