Malignant cell growth factor

By | November 3, 2011

Malignant cell growth factor is a very complex fertile well received by its students but also by its biological properties of immune capacity constraints, such as:
Malignant cell growth factors (1) scanning electron microscopy showed that the surface of malignant tumor cells legs normal tissue does not have many microvilli, and hair follicles, it was speculated that these characteristics may affect the surface junction where a leap of tumor cells in close contact, can enhance nutrient absorption, so green and activities conducive to the proliferation of cancer cells.
Malignant cell growth factor (2) experimental study found that cancer cells in vitro, the loss of normal tissue cells in the culture medium of contact inhibition. This contact inhibition and density of the cells, also called "density-dependent inhibition" This Division has been shown to be inhibited by normal tissue cells produced growth factors caused by a subject. Species in cancer cells, it can not produce this factor. Therefore, the disappearance of contact inhibition between cells, and thus promote cancer cell growth and invasion.
Malignant cell growth factor (3) the growth of malignant cells by their unique biological characteristics, which is unlimited continuous cell proliferation, growth. This proliferation, increased tension within the organization can, with this mechanical expansion cancer cells to surrounding healthy tissue expansion.
Malignant cell growth factor (4) adhesion force among malignant tumors than in other normal cells is low, while the bonding force of the surrounding tissue is relatively increased. Including cancer and vascular endothelial cells adhesion is the determinant of cancer metastasis.
(5) split the students jump in its malignant process, can produce a variety of enzymes. Such as enzyme, cell autolysis enzyme, hyaluronidase, collagen breakdown enzymes. These enzymes affect the surrounding tissue, such as the matrix and fiber components can be broken down, so as to create conditions for the growth of cancer cell invasion.
Malignant cell growth factor (6) the decomposition products of malignant cells with normal tissue cells and characteristics of different metabolic ways. These metabolites such as lactic acid and peptide substances, on the surrounding toxic to normal cells, as small soluble vascular basement membrane damage, severe necrosis of the small vessel wall so as to open invasion and metastasis of cancer cells.

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