Characteristics of childhood cancer

By | November 3, 2011

Children are not only able to get lung cancer, and some cancer occurs mainly in children, known as the childhood tumors. Nearly 30 years, a sharp upward trend in children's cancer in the United States has been the first cause of death of children up to 14 41, the United Kingdom is the first 21. Children in clinical cancer is more common than benign tumors (about 3:1).
Characteristics of childhood cancer:
(1) age: general risk of tumor growth with age, but children are the exception, tumors occur in children under 6 years old, and the formation of tumors of children's heights.
(2) The incidence of reasons: some of the typical cancer clinical multiple origins in the embryonic tissues:
because of embryonic tissue in better, more surprising Health buried the possibility of an exception;
the mother during pregnancy may cause cancer because of factors acting on the fetus through the mother;
children imperfect development of certain devices Palace, immune function is not perfect, the ability of low and weak anti-tumor;
Some children's cancer and genetic close relationship, such as retinoblastoma, Wilms tumor, have obvious genetic predisposition, or even brothers and sisters with the risk of retinoblastoma.
(3) the incidence areas: children and adults with cancer may be different parts of the adult common tumors in cancer, food camp cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer and other epithelial tumors based, and is a common malignancy of children and the central nervous system leukemia system tumors and kidney tumors. Among them, the highest incidence of acute leukemia, accounting for 62% of children in other tumors such as malignant lymphoma, Wilms tumor, retinoblastoma, neuroblastoma, bone and soft tissue sarcoma is also common childhood tumor.
Characteristics of childhood cancer has two characteristics:
(1) the rapid development of malignant disease is high.
(2) radiation therapy and chemotherapy is very sensitive, easily kill cancer cells.
So.Characteristics of childhood cancer, child cancer, should be noted that early detection and early treatment. If you take the appropriate surgical treatment, with radiation therapy, chemotherapy, often can get good results. Such as Wilms tumor after treatment with 60% -70% of patients can be cured. Retinoblastoma, 85% by early treatment can be cured. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia after drug therapy can live for about 50% more than 5 years.

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