Small cell lung cancer radiation therapy

By | November 4, 2011

Small cell lung cancer is very sensitive to radiation therapy, but it is systemic disease, tend to spread the distance should be based chemotherapy, with radiotherapy. Thoracic radiotherapy small cell lung cancer will not only improve the complete remission rate and reduce the relapse rate within the chest, but also improve the overall cure rate.
Small cell lung cancer radiotherapy should include the primary tumor, ipsilateral hilar and mediastinal lymph node metastases and existing, and includes a wider range of nearby lymphatic drainage area. In small cell lung cancer, the brain is the most common sites of metastases, the incidence of brain metastases increased with prolonged survival. Now that the limited small cell lung cancer achieved complete remission after treatment, prophylactic whole brain irradiation should be done.
Radiation therapy of small cell lung cancer brain metastasis-specific drugs:
1. javanica oil soft capsule
Javanica oil soft capsule medicine by Jiangsu million independent research and development of high production javanica oil soft capsule, high-tech products have been granted, the patent number of national patent varieties: ZL 2004 1 0070642.5 Department of anticancer drugs for lung cancer, lung cancer with brain metastasis , digestive tract and liver cancer adjuvant therapy.
2. javanica oil emulsion oral
The first use of modern high technology, success will javanica oil into intravenous and oral administration of the emulsion, is a new pure traditional Chinese medicine with targeted anti-cancer agents, mainly for the treatment of lung cancer and lung cancer with brain metastasis, gastrointestinal tumors. As effective, less side effects have also been clinically widely used.

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