The treatment of colorectal hemangioma

By | January 2, 2012

Treatment of colorectal hemangioma (1) by colonoscopy with high-frequency electric therapy: isolated pedunculated hemangioma of polyps can be removed by endoscopic snare. As long as the size and shape of the tumor blood vessels to ensure complete lesion of endoscopic ligation and reached a grave, full of bleeding, on the premise of interest in this kind of lesion can be inside the trap removed.
Treatment of colorectal hemangioma (2) abdominal perineal resection: Because of diffuse cavernous hemangioma involving a wide range of wall, some violation of bladder disease, uterus and vagina, so membrane resection is the most safe, thorough and effective surgery. But the large intestine of diffuse cavernous hemangioma is a benign, non-malignant and the patients tend to mostly young people, a permanent end stoma have their physiological and psychological effects should not be underestimated. Therefore, in total excision of hemangioma should be retained on the basis of anal sphincter function.
Treatment of colorectal hemangioma (3) Results of anal sleeve anastomosis: surgical removal of lesions aimed colon and rectum, rectal muscles to retain control, then pull down the coverage of the normal colon rectal muscle tube. So that the residual rectum of hemangiomas will not be any local damage but no longer bleeding. This procedure avoids a large number of intraoperative bleeding, pelvic plexus to prevent injury, no significant postoperative anal incontinence, urinary and sexual dysfunction, eliminating the permanent colostomy. The reconstruction of small rectal capacity due to increased frequency of defecation, usually take several months to a year to recover.
Treatment of colorectal hemangioma (4) colonic pouch anal anastomosis: improved by constructing a pouch after rectal cavity will control function, reducing the increase in the number of early postoperative bowel movement.

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